Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I ordered the DVD documentary, "THE WAY" earlier today for just $14.99 (Shipping cost will make your purchase just under $20.00) An option to download for $12.99 is also available

A friend of mine saw my Facebook conversation about the movie calling to invite me to his home to watch the documentary. He downloaded it and was having the men (from the group of guys that use to meet in my home) over to watch the presentation. The group of men still meet weekly, Wednesday nights.

My review (Keep it simple)
The presentation is well done, very well done! Several people that I know personally are in the film.
The documentary begins by examining what the Bible says, verses what or how the church (Christianity) teaches the scriptures. Individual testimonies of several people are shared as they began to question their Sunday "Churchianity" Several shared of how the Spirit of God began tugging on their hearts to examine the scriptures themselves as opposed to listening to a sermon.

The Biblical Sabbath, Dietary Laws, and Biblical Festival are presented with detailed explanations about how the church incorporated many, many pagan practices replacing what is written according to Scripture. Virtually everything that is challenged within the documentary is explained using the Bible as the source material.

At one point evangelist Pat Robertson is presented using clips from CBN confirming many of the pagan practices adopted by the church.

The theological commentary of several Christian Pastors are also presented who address why THE WAY is irrelevant explaining that Jesus ended much of "Old Testament" thought.

The producers of this film address just about everything that happens to those people who choose to leave the Sunday churches as well as those people asked to leave the Sunday churches. Equally, they address the difficulty and problems that arise within the community of believers who return to the Torah and forget about love or worse, the resurrection of Messiah altogether. 

Would I show this documentary to others, especially Christian believers, absolutely! Do I think what was intended is accomplished...yes! I have a few concerns about the film but they are so minor that mentioning them at this point would simply serve distraction. 

Order the DVD or download the presentation, do your own research and share your thoughts! 
I for one am very glad this effort is now available!

Meet the Creators

Luke, the director, is an award-winning journalist and videographer and Kayte, the producer, is a professional musician and non-fiction writer. We’re a husband and wife team and The Way is our first feature length film.

What we’ve learned in documenting this movement are things we'd never heard in church—and we went to church all our lives. We’re so excited to share this story with you!

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