Friday, August 26, 2016

The Rise of the Shiite Caliph or Sunni Caliph Courtesy of The United States of America

The Godless in America are living through a repeating history and....they don't know it. 
The church is living in a made up history and it does not know it.

I have said for nearly 8 years that the Presidency of Barack Obama represents a judgment against the United States of America due in part to the debauchery, immorality, corruption, and willful rejection of Biblical precedent. I have said this and have consistently said (Not Prophetically) that our nation is detaching itself from the GOD of creation while at the same time thumbing our nose at the authority of Almighty God. I have said too, that how our nation continues to move away from Godly principles will cause the core of our society to get much, much, much worse. This president opened a door that I feel will only be closed by a contrite nation!

Barack Obama is responsible for returning 150 billion dollars to Iran (For those who do not understand the tenants of Sharia or Islamic history you will have absolutely no clue as to what this decision represented) Suffice it to say, our nation not only bent down and kissed Iranian butt, we also proved to them that allah has given our nation over to Islam. We effectively became the number one sponsorship of Iranian terrorism on this planet!

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Iran has said repeatedly and openly that they are building a nuclear infrastructure to combat cancer. They have also said that Israel is the cancer in the land of allah and must be eradicated.

We are witnessing a battle brewing in the land of the Bible between Sunni & Shiite Islam as the return of the caliphate rises. Who will rule the world under their Islamic scenario, under Sharia is what this epic battle is all about. The American high school student, college student and vast majority of liberal citizenry is about as dumb on this subject as are rocks under a porch! Need Proof? The American liberal thinks Islam is a peaceful religion (They govern the most Colleges, National Teachers Association, the Media and Stupidity....Nuff Said! 

I personally feel that a spiritual blindness is covering the American landscape as part of a wider judgment as well....

I have listed a few YOU TUBE videos that help the rocks understand what is really happening. Perhaps you will begin to connect the dots as to just what the American President or rather who the American President supports concerning the Epic Battle shaping up in the Middle East. Trust me, he does not support colonial America.......

The fact that Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States of America with the ever growing possibility that the man she is married to will once again occupy the White House is for me a picture of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, repeating (1 Kings 16:30-30)! The character of both historical figures having the dubious honor of moving through the centuries vicariously through individuals....It appears to be our turn to meet this sort of evil. Courtesy of the nation surrendered to Skin Color and the first Female President.......You get what you vote for!

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