Thursday, August 11, 2016

RELIGION is killing all of us! [ONE FOR ISRAEL]
There are 2139 blog posts on my blog. Today I had over 834 visitors. I would say that probably 1/3 of the articles on this blog rail against religion. My reason for this is due to an historical account of people being slaughter because of the never ending perversion of our Creator, dominant in every culture, every century, every interpretation! Currently, people are dying all over the globe because of yet another god, religion and homicidal monsters worshiping lunacy!

Well, today I saw a video that brought me to tears. Notably, two Jews recalling an historical account via Israel of The ALMIGHTY coming to Israel, as a man....These two men make abundantly clear a portion of the plan of redemption.
Why? Precisely because of all the gods we have invented due to rejecting the plan of the one who made all of us and everything else!

The plan proceeded our vacating it by choosing to do what Cain did...murder! Cain placed into the psychology of a fallen humanity...murder!

The following video tells us how the plan has always been about life. Our redeemer came to us many, many, times! Ultimately, dying in order that we might!
Consider watching what Almighty GOD placed into the nation of Israel (his creation by the way) via ONE FOR ISRAEL, thank you!

Not one word of the following do I reject

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