Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Review of "God's Day Timer" by Mark Biltz

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Moses was reintroducing the GOD of Creation to a people who had been made to worship the god of Egypt. He did so by sharing the story of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, 
an historical account of Almighty God through the lives of people. 
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Moses was never in the Garden of Eden however, he restored a people back to what the Garden experience provoked. It would appear historically that God is forever raising up individuals to help us return to his plans, his appointed times, his day timer! 

While reading Mark Biltz's introduction alone, I could readily see that one day an event happened that changed the course of his life. 

Moses had a similar experience. He too, wrote about the appointed times of Almighty God. Day one, day two, day three and so forth, are also appointed times. Everything that was done is planned. 

Probably the most remarkable thing about this book is how Mark Biltz helps all of us, both Jew and non Jew realize that we are still part of the story. Our lives were appointed for such a time as this. 

We are collectively still on God's calendar. "God's Day Timer" will help the reader to return to the beginning! To return to the source of the plan but also help the reader to see how the plan of God is constructed. 

Learning about that "Jewish stuff" actually helps all of us to learn about the King of the Jews and about what is appointed for the restoration of all of mankind back to the on-going plan.

This book helps you participate in what may be the most spectacular time in human history. I think, after reading this book a measure of "Critical Thinking" will also be restored!

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