Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Joshua Aaron is Taller Than I Thought?

A couple of years ago I reached out to Joshua Aaron asking, 'Can I play your music on my radio show, Un-Coloring Race (Blog Talk)' He graciously responded, "Sure!"
I thought (about his music) that he offered a bridge for the Christian audience to remember that our Biblical understanding is born through Israel. Joshua was singing American Christian songs in Hebrew, writing songs that every Christian could relate to but restoring a Hebrew originality to the lyric, the music. His music is a natural bridge for the Christian who is being restored to the graft, if you will or, albeit, the common wealth of Israel!

During last night's concert at El Shaddai Ministries, while listening to Joshua Aaron's wonderful presentation I thought (For the first time perhaps) the Jewish people did not have millions of Christians returning to our Hebraic Roots during the horror that was Hitler. The Jews did not have the support of millions of Christians rejecting the antisemitic teachings of many of the church fathers. (I am writing a book about their horrible affect on all of us)
For such a time as this a great deal of what was missing is now growing, exponentially! I might also add, what a perfect time to have available to us the music of Joshua Aaron! Support his work, purchase his music. 

"He does the BODY good!"

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