Monday, August 8, 2016

Insemination Is A Pattern of What Exactly?

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I had a moment while driving across this nation with HaShem. I have been thinking about it for several days now. My daughter, her son and I arrived at 11:30 PM Wednesday night. I have sat down to make a video about this a few times but cannot adequately relate what I experienced....Okay, so let me just shoot this out here for the sake of theory:

I saw the earth as like an egg moving towards the womb. (I have thought about this many, many times.) While driving to Cabot, Arkansas I was thinking how big this earth is. Then suddenly I saw the image of the earth as an egg! Listening to HaShem while driving the thought popped into my head,

"Wait Until I Arrive, Watch What Happens!"

I immediately saw the chaos occurring in the earth brought to order as if a sperm had penetrated the earth....That's it!
I have been stuck on this thought for several days trying to wrap my mind around the concept.......

I have watched countless YOU TUBE videos about how tiny the earth is in comparison to the rest of the Universe...and GOD is coming here! The pattern of life, insemination, and order to the cellular structure of the egg, to the earth, will not leave my thoughts? Just how amazing is the plan of GOD.....Wow, mind boggling!

I don't want to sound nutty but this is what has been pervasive in my thoughts for as long.
Man, I keep trying to say something let me try again.....

If we have an all out Nuclear exchange with countries set a blaze, catastrophic radiation sickness, chemical and biological deaths by the millions most of the known universe won't even know that it happened. To the "Unknown Universe" what we have done to ourselves wont even register as a blip!.......

What we do to one another, say to one another, treat one another is limited to the size of this earth and the activity therein

To the Universe what is racism, bigotry, antisemitism!...NOTHING, Absolutely nothing. Therefore, why practice this idiocy, why dislike anyone? Why treat anyone with disdain. Near as I can tell we humans are the only thing existing in chaos!

And so far life anywhere else is not found.....

We don't even register as a pixel within our own universe and yet we are a complete mess on this planet and the biggest miracle known!...Considering this is mind boggling.

What is GOD doing here that is so amazing, incomprehensible?
This is what is fascinating to me.

He brings order to Chaos. Nearly two years ago I stopped arguing doctrine because, it all seems so...ridiculous to be honest!
1 Corinthians 14:33 
Because GOD is not chaotic, 
but peaceful, as in all the assemblies of The Holy Ones.

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