Monday, August 15, 2016

Fishing With Westport Charters

Yesterday (August 14, 2016) my wife and I joined Mark Moses, Nathan and Caleb Grapes along with nine strangers for a day of fishing out of Westport, Washington. We boarded the Cormorant  at 5:00 A.M. The Captain of the Cormorant Jonathan Sawin, (Johnny) greeted us as we boarded. He provided a quick, informative overview of how the day was to unfold.
Okay, so let me set the scene.....It is 5:00 A.M and a young kid introduces himself as the Captain of 50 foot boat that fourteen people have just boarded for a fishing excursion out into the Pacific Ocean. After Johnny welcomed us he asked, "Does anyone have any questions?" I immediately asked, "How old are you?"...."I am 22 Sir!"

We made our way out of the marina with two other deck hands, David and Patrick on board. By the time we arrived at the first stop for fishing several of us had been tossed about, churned, flip, flopped and totally overcome with motion sickness. Even though the Captain guided the boat gently through about 5 to 6 foot swells the motion sickness was waiting for about half of the passengers. My wife, Michele was the first to make it known that she was going to be sick.

After Michele coated the floor (inside of the cabin) David (deck hand) graciously and expeditiously provided a container for my wife as he began to clean up the floor. He was very kind and generous as he took care of a rather unpleasant moment. In fact, the reason that I thought to write this post is a direct response to the brilliant, highly professional, extremely efficient manner by which Johnny and his crew Patrick and David served all of us via Westport Charters located in Westport, Washington
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I am always, always quick to mention excellent service when the quality of service is outstanding! Throughout this trip with several of us, myself included, vomiting, nauseous, so not use to the motion of the ocean, David and Patrick, ran around this boat untangling crossed fishing lines, re-baiting hooks, doing what ever 14 people needed. I watched these young men walk around this boat as if they were on dry ground providing excellent service to all of the guest for nine hours. I know that I speak for many on board, these three young men were simply OUTSTANDING!
I had a moment to speak with Captain Johnny sharing with him how pleased many of us were with their performance!

At the end of the day we caught, collectively 141 fish most of which were filleted, bagged, and ready for us before we arrived back at the dock. These three very young men accomplished doing that as well.
 For approximately nine hours these three very young men epitomized serving others. They took very good care of all of us. It would be remiss (for those of you who know me in business) to not write this post!
Westport Charters 
2411 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595 

Not to sure about another day of fishing and vomiting (apparently my sea legs vanished several years after Navy service.) However, should I decide to do this again Westport Charters, the Comorant, Captain Johnny, along with David and Patrick are reason enough to return to Westport, Washington. Thank you so much!

And yes, it is true...I was the only one to catch a salmon weighing in at 5lbs 7oz!

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