Monday, August 29, 2016

As Long As The Pagan Practices Feel Like Jesus (we are okay with them)....Huh?

Do the pagan practices, adopted by Rome, which are fluid in much of traditional Christianity teach us about GOD? Or did we make Jesus conform to the Pagan practices

The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who were led out of ancient Egypt kept Egyptian idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices did not enter the promised land as a result

The children who did enter the promised land kept the idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices of the pagan communities surrounding them, the Kingdom of Israel was divided as a result.

The generations that followed the children of those who entered the promised land kept the idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices of the surrounding nations. The Temple was destroyed, the two Kingdoms of Israel were eventually dispersed.........

This is exactly what the Prophet Ezekiel shared as a summary based on the behavior of ancient Israel Ezekiel 20

The oppression of Rome which allowed Israel to exist as a vassal state adopted some of the teachings of Moses and Shaul (Paul) adding them to the idols, cultural traditions, and detestable practices of Roman-Greco society which gave birth to Catholicism.

The birth of Catholicism, a mixture of the gods of Zeus, Apollo, Helena and the writings of the disciples and letters of Paul gave birth to much of

The concepts, construct and narrative about what the God of Israel was and is doing through Israel have been removed now for nearly 1900 years. The church is now the center of Christianity...Not Israel or what God is doing through his nation. We un-grafted ourselves from ISRAEL

Most of Christianity does not know what God commanded to be the festivals practiced or why? Nor does most of Christianity understand the thought behind the entire TORAH or in deed, the entire Tanakh! While at the same time the Brit Chadasha, used in most churches world wide has no Hebraic influence whatsoever..............

However, it's what the heart feels that matters more? Not what God commanded?
(According to the Scriptures.....that's a lie!)

So how is the lie working for America these days?

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