Sunday, July 3, 2016

Terror, Truth & Teshuvah (Thank you Rabbi Shapira)

If you were here, in this very room with me right now, you would witness tears streaming down my face. I am filled with emotion on several levels due to reading a particular book, a presentation Thursday night by John Guandolo and the following video presentation by my friend Rabbi Itzhak Shapira.

I will soon finish reading the book, "The Roots of Christian Antisemitism" by Malcolm Hay.
The book, first published in 1950 offers a very specific recanting of the horrible, absolutely mind bending treatment of anything Jewish by church fathers and the societal hatred woven within western theology against anything and dare I say everything, Jewish! Malcolm Hay, (a celebrated Catholic who authored several books before his death in 1962) does a brilliant job, par excellence in my opinion, of taking the antisemitic, bigotry out of the abstract and placing centuries of hatred towards the Jews, from the pulpits, front and center!

I have been studying the numerous pogroms against the Jewish people for several years. I can truly, unequivocally and without reservation state that antisemitism is not only born in church theology but woven in virtually all church doctrines! The Roots of Christian Antisemitism solidifies my research on the subject. Moreover, the book makes what history offers come to life!

The church knows Jesus but next to nothing about his Jewish identity. This is possibly one of the most extraordinary, neon sign posts, if you will of the end result of either vilifying or kicking JEWISH out of  Christian commentary.....

The book by Hay is so powerful I ordered a copy for my closest friend

Like wise, watching the following video below simply capstones a very emotional week. As I mentioned above I met John Guandolo Thursday night. His presentation explaining the psychology (Psychosis in my opinion) of what Jihad is was possibly the best that I have ever seen. In short, when an Islamic person says that he or she has to kill you according to Sharia, he or she sees this as an act of mercy. Please visit, Mr. Guandolo does what he does to both educate as well as encourage all of us to get involved....
Getting involved is possibly the most incredible thing that most in America simply...will not do? The level of Islamic infiltration with in American society is so secure, so confident, that the order to attack our nation from with in is possibly days away. John explains what that attack will look like based on documents that are well known to everyone accept law enforcement, our military, our political leadership, our churches, our colleges, just about every tier of our society is under attack. Soon they will start killing our children...Literal plans of between twelve to twenty well trained Islamic soldiers will attempt to attack college campuses, high schools, middle schools and even grade schools across our nation simultaneously. They are also targeting our electric grid. John clearly demonstrates their capability and goes through a step by step presentation showing to you who they are. He also tells you that they are here by the thousands waiting to activate...(like they did in Paris!) I absolutely know that what he shares is true!

The tears that I had to keep wiping from my face started after I watched the following:

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