Friday, July 8, 2016

Tea Party Community (Social Media Site)

I first heard of Kevin Jackson several years ago after someone sent to me the website "The" The website today looks entirely different than it did, say seven or eight years ago. However, the quality has always been, "Top Shelf!" Mr. Jackson, fortunately has become a voice for those of us who embrace common sense and who refuse to insist on making no sense at all.

My definition of liberalism: Societal abnormality that insists on making no sense whatsoever.

Kevin Jackson, like many of us confront the lunacy liberal protagonist vomit all over normal society.

I remember speaking with Kevin by phone. I remember the feeling of knowing that I had just connected with a kindred spirit when it comes to "THE BIG BLACK LIE"

Chatting with Kevin this morning after his FOX News segment via Facebook he told me about the Tea Party Community, a social media sight. I was thrilled to hear about this site. Albeit, I am a Biblical Conservative with a Tea Party core. Or, the Tea Party conservatives represent how I have always thought about common sense. Of course I signed up!

Thanks Kevin!

And let us not forget about Alfonzo......:) 

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