Saturday, July 2, 2016

How The Enemy "Deceiveth The Whole World" (He uses people)

I have been reading the book, "The Roots of Christian Anti-Semitism (Malcolm Hay)" as well as other literature and historical accounts of the hatred taught against Jewish people for centuries from church pulpits. As I write my book on the subject I can contrast images of Jews in concentration camps with a societal attitude (Against Jews) that, were it possible to photograph, would be identical.

One of the most famous of church fathers, John Chrysostom wrote, "I hate the synagogue, I hate the Jews! How dare you take part in their festivals!" For centuries from church pulpits the words, "God Hates the Jews" was as common in church sermons as is the echo of Amen (That resonates through the centuries as well.)

I have fought racism within several churches. The subtle but never ending bigotry against me because of my skin color is as entrenched in Christianity as is...Jew hatred.

I understand what I am reading in this book...intimately! I feel the lawlessness (Sin) depicted in this book. I understand the societal attitude that the church fathers promoted in church doctrine against a particular people group!

As I learn how to reconnect the LORD's festivals back to the Jewish People and what GOD is doing (Leviticus 23)...I feel the hatred that John Chrysotom embedded into the Christian Psyche from the pulpit

Least I fail to mention...Millions of Christians through the centuries fought this madness, are still fighting the madness of Antisemitism, Bigotry and Racism

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