Sunday, June 26, 2016

Waiting In Line To Be Murdered

As I research, re-read and revisit much of the horror that was the Holocaust I continue to experience a familiar knot in my gut! The depth of atrocities committed against the Jewish people BEFORE Hitler come to life for me...I am not reading history. Acceptance of social degradation, bigotry, a pervasive, collective, de-legitimization, (et al,) attitudes against anything Jewish for centuries preceded the Nazi horror. 

Revisiting what those experiences were to the Jewish husband, father, the Jewish mother, son and daughter, grandparents etc, etc is almost more than one can read about...Here is the problem (and it is huge)

We are witnessing the antisemitic rhetoric turn into hatred once again. This is the same hatred that was used to murder Blacks, murder the Armenians, murder, Arabs, murder everyone.....All People! The same demonic influences are as visceral today as they have always been....Unfortunately, many cling to this spirit moving well beyond the Christian churches that fomented antisemitism in the first place.
I started reading the book "THE ROOTS OF CHRISTIAN ANTI-SEMITISM" by Malcolm Hay. I did not think that I would be able to get through the first chapter. Reading about the men, women, teenagers and infant children being stripped naked, shot in the back of the neck while standing in a pit two lengths longer that a football field, nine feet deep only to read that behind the dirt pile was the next group who would the tune of 2 million is a hard read...very, very hard read!

"The countries of the world, doors remained 
closed to Jewish Immigration"

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