Monday, June 20, 2016

UPDATE on my 3lb Grandson.

Please keep us in prayer 
that all of this happen. 
Thank you for all of your 
prayers and financial help.
From my wife, Michele:

Hey everyone, just a quick update. Cameryn has grown to a little more than 3lbs. He is still in NICU in Little Rock, Arkansas. As we supplement Myklen's ability to drive back and forth to the hospital and her day to day routine she will meet with nursing advisers on how to care for her son over the next month. We are making plans to bring our daughter, her son, and all of her belongings (especially those purchased in anticipation of her son's birth) home as soon as the baby is released but, also released to travel. We are hoping (Praying) for my husband to drive her back to Washington State early August.
The plan is for me to rent a vehicle large enough to transport all of Myklen's belongings and the stuff purchased in anticipation for the birth of her child back to Washington State. None of this can happen until the baby is released from Neonatal ICU. I travel to Rochester, NY in late July. On the return trip I will change my flight heading to Little Rock (My daughter lives in Cabot, Arkansas) rent a vehicle commensurate to transporting all of us back to Washington State.

May need to rent a small Uhaul trailer as well. None of this can happen if little Cameryn is not released from the hospital. As far as a vehicle so far Budget has the least expensive rates.
According to the doctors, the baby has to be fed every two hours should we do this sort of road trip. We do not use credit cards in our home so this is all about money on hand. Pricing all of this well, suffice it to say we are praying for all of this!

I guess the best thing about the birth of this child, and all that has occurred as a result of his early arrival is how our daughter is coping with the entire situation. Her son is priority one in spite of the difficulty, lack of adequate funds, and certainly the lack of the father's participation. She is already a "Momma Bear!" We are just trying to get her through this time in her life and to bring her, and her son nearer to family. Myklen understands this as she endures leaving her child connected to tubes and machines and 45 minutes from her home every day!
Thank you for helping our family and our grandson!

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