Thursday, June 23, 2016

THE JUNK TRUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHURCH (A new book by Jeff Morton coming soon)

We have all heard of the cliche "Junk in the Trunk" with regard to big booty or some other slang type phrase having to do with a women's derriere . Well, I am borrowing the phrase (which has always meant to me carrying around old baggage or weighty problems that just seem to linger on in life) with a slight modification namely, Junk Trunk! Often times we hang on to the "junk in our individual trunks (so to speak) for a life time. It is in this vein that I named my new book!

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With this thought in mind I have written many, many, times of how antisemitism seems to chase the Jewish people through the centuries whether in country or scattered around the globe. I have also written many, many, times about how the Jews were slaughtered around the globe, treated horribly by the nations where the Catholic and Christian churches flourished (Prior to and during the rise of Islam)

For nearly 2000 years the church including virtually every denomination has taught, based on hatred of anything Jewish, Jews bad, Christians good. This sort of dogma is so entrenched in much of the Western theological discussions that one does not have to look far to understand why so many Jewish people were murdered. Yes, murdered by the church. (Loving your neighbor did not apply to the Jews)

Well, I am writing another book (This one I will publish, I promise) I want to share my thoughts about how Antisemitism has affected what the average Christian understands about the Bible. In other words, how did the hatred of Jewry around the world influence 'How' we have been taught about GOD.

[The effect(s) of 2000 years of anti-Jewish teaching] 
A new book by Jeff Morton coming soon

ADENDUM: July 16th, 2016...I have changed the book title

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