Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Making A Difference

I dreamed last night that I was in a television studio preparing to tape another show. My friend Carroll Gleason was there with his cameras, microphones, and know how. What we were doing was familiar, routine, comfortable. In other words, this was not a debut broadcast. The program was a weekly broadcast where we introduced to our audience people who were helping others. The show was not about feeding the homeless or gathering, "Toys For Tots."

Diane Calhoun lives in Nairobi Kenya taking care of little girls who live with AIDS  She maneuvers through the reality of her situation dealing with local authorities, corruption, and at times threats upon her life in order to house, feed, and care for these little girls. Some of the stories that she has shared with me are beyond my sensibilities! One day Diane sold everything she has and went to Kenya to do what she is doing (many years ago.)

I interviewed Doug Collier who also works to rescue children who are forced to kill people! Yup, they are taught to shoot and kill people. Doug said to me, "Jeff, you can't do what we do!" In all honesty Doug is probably right. For example he shared with me, "Seeing dead bodies at the curbside is as common as are trash cans on collections day here in the States, in parts of the world where he frequents."

Rick Daviscourt of Restoring Children International has shared with me some of the most sickening stories about what happens to young girls in parts of Peru. Some of what he has shared with me brings tears to both of our eyes as he relives what he has seen.

David Reuben shares the story about how he and his son were ambushed in Israel. He watched his child get shot in the head. Now he spends his life helping children recover from the trauma of terrorism, the loss of parents and siblings. These people are all over the globe doing amazing work while at the same time trying to buy cereal, pay the electric bill or finding creative ways to feed children with next to nothing waiting for the next donation to arrive.

I am at a place in my life where what these people are doing is more important to me than just about anything! As I consider what learning Torah and the Hebraic reality of the biblical story has taught me possibly the most important thing is to help the widows and the fatherless, help people. I decided a while ago that I am not going to argue and fight with people over biblical doctrines. True, I think that how we have been taught in the Christian world is horrible! Nevertheless, the core of what the biblical narrative causes is why all of the people above do what they do. Each one of the above is in service to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and each one needs help.)

Back to my dream.
The dream was about a weekly broadcast presenting these people and others like them so they could share their stories and needs. This was the sole purpose of the program. To put these people in front of the camera and tell you what they have told me.......

I care more about this than I do about Hebrew Roots, Christianity, Judaism, and Messianic Theologies (or movements) I care about Rick Daviscort, Doug Collier, and Diane Calhoun. I struggle because I cannot do more to help. I am beginning to think that maybe that's my problem. True, one of my greatest desires if for the Christian world to return to the Hebraic reality of the bible. My other greatest desire is to help others by raising funds and awareness to their needs. They need resources, these people need us! (Many of you get this and are very involved)

I have watched shows on television where people rebuild their swimming pools or remodel their homes. There use to be a program where they would build a family a new home even! I think that folks who have been successful enough to do such things is wonderful. I don' begrudge them at all. Nevertheless, while watching these shows my mind inevitably asks the question: How many people living in poverty cannot even imagine sitting in my living room watching television? I sit and wonder what is it like for a child who has been raped so many times that to be sitting in front of a television safe is not normal. My mind never stops thinking, "I have to do more to help."At the same time, if you handed to me a 5 year old boy who had been brutally sodomized in such a way that blood was hemorrhaging from his rectum, I know that I would fall apart. [This actually happened to a person that I know.]

I am starting to think that what GOD had to do in order to destroy the gods of ancient Egypt will have to be done again in our societies.  He will most like not use Facebook! Perhaps this is what the "End Time" events are all about. In the mean time what can I do to help the people who are knee deep in rescuing the hearts, minds, and lives of those who have been horribly abused! 

My friend James Porter said to me, "Jeff, the world is much bigger than we think. Perhaps how we think is not big enough!" James is right! Living to pay my bills is getting very, very old!
I am gearing up to do a fund raiser for Diane Calhoun...I have a bigger idea in mind as I consider how to do this. As we watch the world spiral out of control more people will need folks like you and I and all of the above.....

The one thing that studying the Bible has taught me to do care!
If I live the next 12 years I will be 70. I am not going to spend them doing nothing.....
The Kingdom of GOD is not a racially segregated, dysfunctional mess. So I plan to do what ever I can do with this core belief forever bellowing out of my spirit....
Now who should I talk to about the show?

The Jeff Morton Report is not gone. I am just deciding to wait for Abba, Father to direct the next effort.

Nuff Said!

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