Sunday, June 26, 2016

Life's Privileges Are Incredible

My daughter is coming up on 24 years old. Like all of us (throughout life) she has made her share of mistakes and will make several more. Nevertheless, bringing her son into this world was not a mistake. When she moved to Arkansas to pursue a management career (and then told us that she was pregnant) well, you can imagine what went through her dad's soul!....With some bad advice she financed a car. It was a bad deal to be sure. The car is now gone, (Yeah!) What is not gone is my daughter's sense of determination, perseverance and yes a bit of stubbornness as well. She is truly of Bentley-Morton stock with a shot of Bonura blood in the mix...that would be the Italiano-German, "OMG" part of our kids!
I was thinking about what women experience bringing forth a child. I have looked at what Google has to offer concerning postpartum depression, anxiety separation, what the body goes through. I have looked at just a few, of the many issues most or many women face after child birth. Compounding both of these is having a premature birth, daily visits to the NICU, all of the hormonal issues associated with what their bodies experience, the emotional highs and lows while trying to work a lack luster job to pay bills. No husband or father for the child, rejection. Still our daughter somehow get's to the hospital 45 minutes from home and back to love on her child, to be there for him....She is his mother!
I think about what our 23 year old daughter, a young woman to be sure is coping with and I can absolutely defies my ability to understand how women can endure this. My daughter is enduring this!
As I watch all of the many, many "GLIDE" videos of my grandson, all of the pictures, listening to all of the stories about weight gain, medical reports and overall progress of this child my prayers are steadily streaming upward. Some of you dads who read this will know what I am talking about while at the same time none of us can truly know what is happening to women who endure this sort of struggle in order to bring forth life.....I live amazed! Only this time it is my daughter who is amazing me! What ABBA, Father created when he created women is.....beyond words, really!
Far too many men do not see the perfect companion that is purposed!

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