Monday, June 27, 2016

Antisemitism Is Part of Church Theology, Really!

I am currently reading three books 3 as I research the book that I myself, am writing. What I am learning or revisiting is incredible! The book, "THE ROOTS OF CHRISTIAN ANTISEMITISM" first copyright 1950 is possibly the best book that I have read on the subject.
The book that has yet to arrive, "THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS" is starting to concern me....time to contact AMAZON.
The treatment of the Jewish people by the church fathers and what they embedded into every denomination on this planet is shocking

When I hear things like "Don't judge others" and or "Do everything in love" two questions pop into my head (I don't usually ask them but maybe I should)
  • Ever wonder why you have never been to a Synagogue.
  • How come you don't know anything about what the Jews know concerning the book that they wrote except for what the church taught to you?
The reasons why you don't know this is the same reason why millions of Jews were murdered due to the theological teachings embedded into church psychology....These are more alive today than is the Gospel itself.....

I live amazed as I watch history repeat! (The Ellerbee book is not one I endorse however, the information is worth reading.

"Those who don't know history 
are doomed to repeat it"
Edmund Burke

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