Thursday, June 2, 2016

About Chris

Chris Sueper is homeless. He is possibly the most harmless person that I have known over the last 30 years. Chris is a bit odd, a little off the beaten path so to speak. If I were to describe Chris I would have to say Chris is a little boy in an adult body. He is like a child trying to maneuver through an adult world.

When I first met Chris he lived with his mother. She was his stability offering a place of safety where Chris could be Chris. His room was full of Star Wars memorabilia, animals, and insects that he appeared to collect. He truly was, even back then, a big kid, innocent and somehow free from the responsibilities that Chris would never really comprehend in the first place.

Back in those days he was employable and held a couple of jobs. He worked for Lowes for many years and held down an apartment. His mother was no longer able to provide a home for Chris. She herself deteriorating in health eventually needing care herself. His mother passed away recently after many years convalescing in a adult healthcare facility.

Chris's story brings close to home just how in America we throw individuals out on the street. Homelessness is as much apart of our society as is McDonald's Hamburgers. For most of the night I have tossed and turned over the plight of Chris Sueper. He is somewhere living in the streets in Oregon, (I have no idea) I am near Tacoma, Washington. His sister Mary, posted the following last night on Facebook:

"So, Jeff Morton could you ask those you know to keep my brother (and all my family, please) in prayer? I have nothing to help Chris right now, so I expect he has nothing until June 9th. So no $ for pain relievers, coffee, food, bus fare, nothing. He needs a sturdy backpack to replace this 2nd one he's worn out. His shoes see lots of wear, and probably need to be replaced. Hopefully he won't run out of minutes for his prepaid cell before my next paycheck, when I'll be covering his storage unit. I'd also like to rent him a PO box. And that's just his list. We could really use the support of God's people, and God's provision. Whew, it's helpful to share an overwhelming burden."

I tossed and turned most of the night thinking "About Chris" With so much of our resources going to our daughter, trying to accommodate her new baby, two months premature, not to mention, all of the other people who contact me about so many, many heartbreaking stories. Chris's story is a hard one for me. Chris again, is like a child living in an adult reality that he simply was never capable to negotiate. He is a gentle soul who really has no one to pick up his broken life and help him. His sister does what she can. Mary is a praying woman with very little resources as well.

I think about how many, many people are homeless who are not bad people. They are people that our society throws away. My daughter wrote about her uncle Chris the following:
"Today I took my, street homeless, uncle out to lunch and the looks we got while walking down the street, sitting at the outdoor restaurant, driving around in my car, were hurtful to say the least. I understand that there are many dangerous homeless people, their presence brings down property value, they may be filthy and pitiful to look at, but many of them are just people who lost their ability to survive this American life. Today I watched a woman change seats at the table across from us so she wouldn't have to look in our direction. It is clear that my uncle is homeless but he is a gentle man. He is not loud or crass. He keeps to himself. I can't imagine being in his shoes and I can't imagine the treatment he endures everyday. Please be kind to your fellow humans."

So I will do what I can from where I am. Writing this article is one thing that I can do. If you know of a resource and can help, (really help) please by all means, contact Mary on Facebook. 

The sad part about writing this letter is realizing Chris is not alone. Other families are doing all that can be done to help loved ones who are in similar situation. Our society is different though...we simply don't seem to care anymore. 

An immediate need based on what Mary wrote is money. If you are willing to help her please make a Paypal donation to my company AJKM Productions (email) PLEASE designate your gift specifically for Chris and I will see that it makes its way to Mary,
Thank You!

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Mary Sueper said...

Thank you for caring, Jeff, in the midst of the multitudes who either don't care, or are uncomfortable and unsure of how they can help. May Abba return your kindness.