Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our Daughter Needs A little Help

I must admit, I was a bit reluctant about the "Go Fund Me" page. However, I have no desire to go toe to toe with a Momma Bear! 

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A few weeks ago


Myklen is a 23 year old young woman. She is soon to become a single mother. I am her mother, Michele Bonura-Morton.

On May 21st my husband (her dad) received a call shortly after11:00 PM that Myklen was being rushed to emergency with profuse bleeding, severe cramps and pain. My daughter lives and works near Little Rock Arkansas. I live near Tacoma, Washington. Okay, what do I do now? At the time of the phone call Myklen was 27 weeks pregnant. She arrived at the emergency room only to then be transferred to Baptist Health Medical Center, a facility more able to help with her care.

Myklen is now in a high risk, ICU care unit at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Thanks to a generous gift from a family friend, I am now here in Little Rock, Arkansas arriving Sunday the 22nd. I arrived to find my child hooked up to monitors, being poked and probed as the medical staff attempts to slow early labor. The baby is approximately 2lb, 6oz.

Myklen has named her son Cameryn. Cameryn is, so far, doing well through all of this
(Thank God!) Initially we thought she had lost her baby.

Obviously, her dad and I have redirected our resources to help our daughter. Myklen cannot leave the high risk facility until 34 weeks or until she delivers baby Cameryn. Should she, according to her doctors, make it to 34 weeks carrying baby Cameryn they will transfer her back to the original hospital. Everything at this time is high risk for both Mom and baby.

My daughter is currently without income on account of all that has happened. Her employer is working with her. However, the financial strain is a bit overwhelming as we look for options and assistance. My hope and my prayers are to raise funds to help calm Myklen’s financial worries with bills, rent, car payment, and medical expense as well as the worries of little Cam’s health.

She does have insurance through her employer. I cannot begin to tell you what her coverage is at this time? My daughter is a very hard worker and pays her bills. Please consider helping her cause and to help her bring a healthy baby into this world. Our daughter chose life and now she needs help. This is a new and very complicated situation for all of us. Thank you so much for your prayers and support,


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