Sunday, May 1, 2016

Michele, The "Sew Perfect" Trainee

My wife Michele, who I have known since 1986 tells the story about her little olive green blanky. As a child her tattered and torn blanky was a source of comfort.

Michele had a very abusive father in every sense of the word. Of course, I knew him and he was...."A very abusive man in every sense of the word!" My father-in-law was truly a piece of work. Their was nothing nice about him. (I am trying to be respectful here)

My beautiful wife often found herself dealing with an unloving, uncaring nightmare as a child! The thought of being "Daddies Little Girl" was never a part of her childhood. Nevertheless, Michele would find various activities to quiet the soul, if you will. As a result her blanky was a part of her childhood for many, many years.

Her very loving mother wanted to get rid of this tattered and torn blanky. The blanket was torn right down the middle but Michele would not have any of it! My mother-in-law would have to sneak wash the blanky. She often had to sneak to do anything really! (It was horrible!)

Around the age of 10, Michele remembers her mother, Clara gave to her a Sew Perfect sewing machine. Michele used this toy sewing machine to "fix" her blanky. She actually sewed the two halves back together showing her Mother. It was one of those few moments where she accomplished something on her own that her dad could not take from her or belittle. She does not remember what happened to her little blanky. 

The experience led her to take a sewing class in the 5th grade. The information received in that class grew into a hobby that she has become quite efficient at. When our kids were younger she would make a lot of their clothes. She made several things for me as well.

Years ago, Michele made a vibrant red, suit/pants outfit for my sister, Desi. Sis asked, "Where did you buy this?" (She was so pleased)  I remember it well, Michele responded, "I made it for you!" My sister was having a difficult time with that one, it was hard for her to believe at first. That's one of those memories I probably will never forget. We were in New York at the time.

Well, currently our youngest child is soon to deliver her first son. Yup, we have another grandson on the way. Michele recently made a baby quilt for a co-worker. I thought, it would be nice to see her start sewing again. Her job is stress, stress and more stress. Sewing is a stress reliever, always has been for my beautiful wife. Her thinking was and is to make a blanky for our grandson. That one is yet to happen but trust me, it will happen. Michele heads to Arkansas for most of the month of August. She plans on being there when little Cameryn becomes another miracle in our family.

Since returning home from Israel last November something is markedly different with my wife. The trip did something to her core. I am still watching whatever happened gradually surface.

I will share a little something with you all:
I was praying a couple months ago saying to Almighty God: "Father, she needs constant support an encouragement...what am I supposed to do?" In my spirit I heard the following: "THEN GIVE IT TO HER!".....
Nuff Said, my LORD!

Sometimes we men are like concrete blocks.......yup me too! I decided to shut down the broadcast and to stop trying to secure funding for all of the other things I was doing in order to be the best source of encouragement and support for my wife. It was a good move....20 plus years in the making, duh!
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So there really is a back story to Michele’s 1st Impressions Baby Blanket & Quilt Corner. For nearly 30 years I have had the good pleasure of moving through the ups and downs in both life and in marriage with a little girl who became the mother of my children. As a women she took care of her father until his death in 1999 and suffered the loss of her mother to Alzheimer's disease in 2004

She has spent the last 20 years of her life helping to take care of people who, as she puts it, "Need people like me to do what they can no longer do for themselves!" 

She also said, if one of these blankets becomes a memory in the life of a child then I will have made a small impact there too!

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