Monday, May 2, 2016

Lies That Live For Centuries

Since 2007 I have been working my way back through the actual Biblical Narrative with what God is doing through Israel as opposed to the church. As a result I have had a myriad of questions answered. I have discovered layers of meaning as opposed to a single answer. I have been brought nearer to the God of Israel in ways that sadly, most Christians simply are disconnected from.

What God is doing through the church 
is trying to get it back to what 
He is doing in Israel....

In addition, I have looked back through the pages of history concerning the Arab Slave trade and the Caliphate governmental system which included Islam. I have discovered a systematic series of lies that produced....history!
I rail against much of what we are taught because much of it is based on quite a few lies, distortions, revisions and deceptions. No topic is immune from the "Lies that we have inherited!"
Lately, I have been looking at the effect(s).....Folks, for nearly 9 years I have been relearning the Bible. The more that I discover the less connected I am to my Christian heritage as an America. In fact the less, I am connected to a religious association to the Almighty God. I truly see the Kingdom of God with an Historical Pro-log, Covenant Agreements, Written Statutes, Written Commandments and Kingdom Edicts, from our Creator. I see so much happening, far beyond sitting in the pews learning about Jesus. I cannot restate more; what I have previously learned in the pews sits on the head of a needle compared to what I now understand about "THY KINGDOM COME!"

I ordered a book from Dr. Richard Booker simply because their was another book by Dr. Richard Booker! The book arrived about a week or so ago. I read through the book over the weekend. [The book is a mere 50 pages long] Unbeknownst to me when I ordered the book that Dr. Booker is writing about much of what I have been posting about early church fathers and their disdain for anything Hebrew.

So, Jesus was Jewish and the church fathers ripped that part of what God was doing, through Israel no less, right out of the Western theological study.....Hence, "LIES THAT LIVE FOR CENTURIES"
This is the very reason that what I had learned previously about Jesus, while sitting in the pews fits on the head of a needle. Since visiting the truth that the lies distorted...

Oh My God, a simple question: How many Jews (this includes all of the disciples, Paul, and everyone who wrote the entire Bible) would put a cross on their Synagogues after watching their brothers nailed to trees and burnt to a crisp? Order the book, it will do the BODY good!

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