Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Killing Yourself With Drugs

I remember the very first time that I saw Whitney Houston. She was on MTV back when MTV was more video driven. The video, "You Give Good Love" presented to me for the first time a very cute, talented, black, women with a voice that captivated my attention. I thought, Wow, who is this? To now look back at her death, her daughter's death and the sadness that comes to mind forever over shadowing this amazing women is painful. To know that Whitney died, alone in a hotel room due to drugs is just profoundly sad to me. When I think of her child, Bobbi Christina passing away so soon after her mother's death its almost too much to comprehend really! Another drug related death, a child lost.

Brittany Murphy -Heath Ledger
When Heath Ledger was found dead in a hotel room of an apparent "Accidental Overdose" I thought, your kidding? You watch these people as actors becoming enamored with their talent only to watch the news report of their sudden death. Concerning Michael Jackson, I watched them carrying his body out of an ambulance on a gurney back in June, 2009. We all found out later that he was inducing himself with drugs by a doctor no less which caused his death(?) 
Possibly one of the saddest deaths for me was the loss of Brittany Murphy. I just thought she was a bubbly, very cute, personality; I enjoyed her movies. Even though she was not abusing drugs an investigation concerning her death is currently happening (Click here)

Michael Jackson
Of course the reality in all of this is that I knew none of these people. I have no idea what they were like, how they felt about life or who they were when maneuvering through the ups and the downs of life. Having a lot of money and wealth, fame and notoriety did not stop drugs from entering their lives, taking their lives.

Countless mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and "Friends of the family" sit silently in churches across our country paying respects to those who have killed themselves with drugs. The insidious, never ending barrage of dead people dying due to drugs has become as much a part of society as is cancer and heart disease.........

I was reading an article whereby the front man for KISS (The Rock Group) Gene Simmons, was castigating Prince for killing himself using drugs. I read a few of the comments of those who were offended based on Gene Simmon's statement. I don't know Prince, was never a fan of his particular music or persona. Nevertheless, he died alone in an elevator according to what's been published.

I can easily speculate that none of these people when attending kindergarten for the first time or when learning how to drive a car for the first time imagined for a moment dying as a result of drugs.These people were a part of all of us. To throw them under the bus is simply inappropriate.
To not care simply means that we have become disconnected from life, our neighbor's life.....I wonder what sort of delusion causes that? 

Having not accidentally become a crack cocaine addict I remember vividly wondering, 'How in the hell did you get here?' I felt hopeless, I felt like a failure totally self absorbed with all that was wrong with me. My story is one of selfishness on every level. I did not know how to ask for help because my self worth was simply not worth it. I hated me! I asked God to show me who he was and he did. This is what changed my story from being one of the stories I just wrote about! It hurts me to the core to know that people are killing themselves with drugs. Especially when their is a way out of the vicious cycle of hopelessness. One day I realized as a result of prayer that I was not a drug addict. I remember choosing to believe that as opposed to believing a lie. Thank you Almighty God!

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