Friday, May 6, 2016

A Little Reflection:

Since returning to a more Biblical understanding of the Scriptures (Which changed everything) as opposed to Christian understanding I am considering much based on the following:

I have never wanted to adopt Rabbinic Traditions or Dress.
I have never wanted to become Jewish, look Jewish or act Jewish
I have never considered myself to be "Jeff Morton the African American" I prefer Jeff Morton, my mother's son.
I am not liberal minded, reparation stupid or black and proud
I think not knowing history is horrible and not reading or learning is worse.
I am probably ready to leave the Pacific Northwest, not sure where to go.
I am not Hebrew Roots, New Testament Christian, Messy-Antic or religious outside of learning Kingdom Law, Kingdom Statutes, Kingdom Commandments, the Temple Service and what ever is possible to learn about our Creator whether In the Beginning, the Messianic Age or, now!

I do not embrace the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost traditions found within Christianity....One Elohim, One Creator, One Adonai Tsavuot is how I see our Creator interacting with his Creation. I believe He came into this earth as a man, many, many, many times in order to restore what we have done and guide his purposes which none of us can comprehend beyond what HE allows.
I want to go back to school, write, and be the best husband possible with the time that I have been gifted remaining.

Finally, (and possibly the most important thing in my world) I hope and pray that my Christians Brothers and Sisters return to Biblical Torah, the Biblical Calendar, the Biblical Festivals and Hebraic Structure of an Ancient Near East Book purposed by Almighty God as his Kingdom comes forward.

For the record: I love and hate Facebook at the same time every moment that you see me on here.

Shabbat Shalom

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