Thursday, April 14, 2016

YOU say you support Israel, PROVE IT!

I have a CHALLENGE that will require YOU to ask the folks in your friends list to give money.

I have known Laurie Cardoza-Moore for several years. She tirelessly fights against the
The  BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement) against Israel is no different than what the Nazi Party used to segregate, separate, and destroy millions of Jewish people.  Laurie,  along with her Husband have produce award winning documentaries that have been seen around the world. They are working on another such project specific to telling the truth about BDS. They need our help to finish the goal of raising $200,000 dollars.
When you make a donation, your donation is immediately doubled due to a generous contribution that they have received. As of this writing:
$192,725 DONATED of $200,000 GOAL

Here is my CHALLENGE.

For EVERY single one of you who supports Israel's right to exist and who also sees the hand of God raising up ZION, you have an opportunity to show to our CREATOR your willingness to do what YOU can financially in support of HIS ultimate goal. This is why people like Laurie, myself and so many, many others do what we do....Please make a donation as soon as possible and spread this blog post to others, very important to get the word out to your friend's list and email list of those who will help. Or, present to others Proclaiming Justice to the Nations to people who may not know about the work PJTN does  Thank you!

The matching dollars contribution ends in less than 15 hours. YOU have to donate now 

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