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Victor Schlatter Strikes Again...

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April 4, 2016

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Hatred of the Jew

Why and When did the Barrage Begin?
Joining an in-depth probe into the “why” of the world’s oldest hatred, the nuances of both Jew and Gentile natures play out in “Hatred of the Jew” with intriguing answers as to the “why”. And finally the notorious serpent of Genesis 3 rounds out the story.

Genetically Modified Prophecies

Whatever happened to all the Sand and Stars God Promised to Abraham?
What the armchair experts predicted in the 60’s would have passed its use-by date by 2012

Nineveh a Parody of the Present:

Biblical Clues on the Rise & Fall of America
Written well before the current collapse

Who Told You that You Were Naked?

From the fall of Adam to the rise of the antichrist.
Traces 2 tracks of thinking from the Genesis 3 on - Hebraic vs. Hellenistic - God or the Greeks!
Nothing has changed since guile in the Garden!

Where is the Body?

Discovering the Church in the Heart of Israel
And discovering a fine line between two blind spots about the Jews!

Showdown of the Gods

"Today’s news won't surprise old Zechariah"
A Global Confrontation of Islam, Humanism and God
A prelude to Islamic Terror, shockingly hitting the press exactly on 9-11.
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Daniel Told Us There Would Be Days Like This...

To my Friends who notice that Caesar could be telling lies,
During the Jewish 70 year exile in Babylon, the Prophet Daniel penned an end-of-days Apocalypse that some 600 years later, The gentle Teacher from Galilee, Yeshua, repeated it in Matthew 24:21: ”For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be”.  Few serious students of Scripture would doubt that we are now there! 
But in the previous peril of past errant evildoers were disciplined as a decadent generation that should  have known better, the Most High has often chosen a candidate from the Most Low to do His spring house cleaning.  It's noted in the Good Book a few times.
Let's have a look at Pharaoh, a less-than-likely Oscar nominee from Egypt in Ex 9:16 where the Almighty says: "But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might proclaimed in all the earth."
And then we have a second witness in Romans 9:17 where the New Testament makes sure we get the message with the exact same quote!
But that's not the only time that the King of Creation uses a new broom to sweep clean.
Three times in the book of Jeremiah .He refers to a problematic semi-pagan  Nebuchadnezzar as "My Servant". In Jeremiah 27:6, He says:  "Now I will give all your countries into the hands of my servant Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon..."  And in near similar quotes in both Jereremiah 25:9 and 43:10 He speaks of that same relationship for the crusty King of Babylon again! Talk about the requisite of 2 or 3 witnesses for textual truth!
And we can find not a few more incidents of insidious unbelievers used in Scriptural anecdotes to shake up the should-be-saints. 
So whose onus is it for the present  of dire disintegration of entire worldwide desperation?  Is it Angela Merkel?  David Cameron?  Or was it US Democrats or Republicans?
Or—for the USA at least—might it be that clandestine closet Muslim of 2008 political pretence, whose subtle deception mocked the very claim of compassion? Yes, from Europe westward, there was that subversive schemer, whose treachery alone ultimately opened the floodgates of some 85,000 Syrian "refugees" for 2016--not to mention the tens of thousands of genuine refugees before that--as his deliberately crafted Trojan Horse concealed some 10% Islamic terrorists that are now firmly fixed and functioning within the 2500+ mosques mushrooming across America!  
That treachery fell exactly into the Cloward-Plan to which the fledging Marxist had been introduced at Columbia, but it was not exactly the "Change" that a multitude of young, idealistic voters had in mind for the US 2008 elections!
My files are full of verification of the sinister treason that was subtly shoe-horned into America—and the entire Western world for that matter. It is Divine judgement without a doubt!  But precious little notice is yet made of an offended Creator through this 21st Centuary reincarnation of the Baals of yesteryear. 
But there are a few out there that do see it and are not afraid to say what they see, like Journalist Raymond Ibrahim with Coptic Christian roots from way back.  I introduced him in a previous bulletin, and as someone of Egyptian heritage and Christian insights.he knows Islam and the real roots of terrorism like the back of his hand.
So the  real war is not with terrorism per se, but with a Sharia starved, power hungry and offended Caliphate that goes back centuries to Islam’s dire defeat by Charles Martel (at least) in the 732 battle of Tours.  Middle East mentality, temperment and manners take a lot longer than that to forget, forgive and finally recognize Who is actually in charge. This might be a good time to review Gen. 16:11-12.
Yet it’s not a war either with that individual near-neighbour Muslim, who might be the nicest person you’d ever want to meet—until his numbers mount into a tangible community. And then the problems begin to surface as in a serious study by Dr. Peter Hammond in his book, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam” which I also reviewed in my own book, “Nineveh, a Parody of the Present” page 95ff.
But why should I mention these matters when Journalist Ibrahim says it, and even more sustinctly in: An Islamic Apocalypse in Brussels, Raymond Ibrahim 24 Mar 2016:
“Islamic jihad struck Brussels yesterday morning—first at Brussels Airport and then at a metro station 400 meters from EU headquarters—leaving at least 34 people dead and 230 injured.
It was an apocalyptic scene according to survivors, “with blood and dismembered bodies everywhere,” even “thrown in to the air.”  One man recalled the “horror. I saw at least seven people dead. There was blood. People had lost legs. You could see their bodies but no legs.”
Witnesses heard the attackers yelling in Arabic moments before the bombs—one of which contained nails—detonated.  Other jihadi trademarks—including an unexploded suicide vest and a Kalashnikov rifle beside the body of a slain terrorist—were found.  Islam’s ancient war tactic of blending in with non-Muslims was also implemented.
Horrific as the attack is, its inspiration and Western responses to it are all too typical—meaning, as I opined last year after the Paris massacre, “many more such attacks and worse will continue.  Count on it.”
First, as happened on 9/11, Muslims around the world—those unnamed millions the media refer to as “ISIS supporters”—celebrated, including by once again handing out candy and shouting Islam’s victory war cry, “Allahu Akbar.” Yes, that ancient Islamic hate was back in the air and rampant on social media.  “We are not just clapping, but we are happy again. We are smiling, we are laughing and we are joyful like it’s a day of celebration,” tweeted one ISIS sympathizer.  Another wrote: “#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response.”  Another wrote: “What a beautiful day today,,,(and cursed Belgium).” Yet another wrote, “A lot of duas [Muslim prayers] were answered today.”
Still, most Muslim sympathizers were quick to portray their bloodlust as a product of grievances against the West: “the most common remark under the hashtag was ‘You declared war against us and bombed us, and we attack you inside your homeland.’ Another popular reaction from ISIS supports on Twitter was that the Brussels attacks were intended to avenge the Muslims’ blood that was spilled in Mosul in a series of airstrikes by the Western coalition over the weekend.”
Meanwhile, and as usual, in its communiques to fellow Muslims, ISIS articulated the attack through a distinctly Islamic paradigm.  It even signaled the attack with the words, “We have come to you with slaughter”—an assertion based on the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s words to a non-Muslim tribe that refused to submit to Islam: “I have come to you with slaughter.”
If this assertion is not clear enough concerning the intent and mission of Muhammad—and those who seek to follow him—another canonical assertion attributed to him and regularly quoted by jihadis, including over a decade ago in the opening paragraph of al-Qaeda’s “Declaration of War against Americans,” has the prophet saying: I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that no one but Allah is worshipped.  Allah who put my livelihood under the shadow of my spear and who inflicts humiliation and scorn on those who disobey my commandments. (The Al Qaeda Reader, p.12)...
Unfortunately, this one aspect--that Islamic scripture clearly, plainly, and unequivocally promotes violence against all who refuse to submit to Allah--is the very same aspect most vehemently denied by Western elites....
....But just like George W. Bush’s famous “war on terrorism”—a war on a method not its motivation (French PM Valls) doesn’t indicate who “we are at war” with, even though the most elemental step in winning a war is to “know your enemy” ....
One of the few American political aspirants who need not revise his tone in light of this attack is Donald Trump.  Over two months ago, he said “Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it's not good, where they want Sharia law...You go to Brussels--I was in Brussels a long time ago, 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything is so beautiful — it’s like living in a hellhole right now.”
This latest terror strike in Europe will likely reignite the refugee debate, which, while important, also minimizes the significance of the issue.  The common denominator between all these recent terror strikes throughout the West is not that the culprits were all refugees but rather that they were all Muslim....
Of course, Europe could have spared itself if only it would’ve looked to the plight of non-Muslim minorities living in Muslim majority nations.  As far back as 2012...."
(Reprinted with author’s permission from Raymond Ibrahim)
To manage the length of the bulletin, some of the above you will note has been truncated but nevertheless is vital information.  It will be valuable to check out the entire article...see it all on:                  http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/262261/islamic-apocalypse-brussels-raymond-ibrahim
Anyway the Prophet Daniel clearly told  us and Yeshua came along and even repeated the warning and all signs and Scriptures seem to now indicate that “we are there”.
Moreover, should anyone want to debate the ludicrous fabrication that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, bring your own front end loader complete with licensed operator to help you bury the evidence!

Blessings and Shalom

Victor Schlatter    
South Pacific Island  Ministries

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