Thursday, April 7, 2016

TRUTH from Dumisani Washington

During my lecture at UNC Charlotte earlier this semester there were several Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) members who came to protest. As I reached the Mizrahi portion of my talk (the story of the over 850,000 Jews expelled from Arab/Muslim lands of North Africa and the Middle East), I shared the graphic you see here. I told the students, "THIS is the very definition of 'ethnic cleansing' - something Israel has been falsely accused of for decades."

I continued by telling the audience that some of the very Arab nations that kicked the Jews out of their countries were the same nations who then declared war against the newly independent Jewish state. "They did not want Jews around them, and they didn't want them to leave. It was as if they were saying to the Jews, 'you do not deserve to exist anywhere.'"

As I said these words the SJP members sat and quietly nodded in agreement. Expressionless. Devoid of any emotion. It was as demonic as anything I have seen in my almost 50 years of life. These brainwashed, hate-filled young people had no problem openly declaring (a la Hitler) that the Jews should be extinguished as a nation and as a people (just like the writer of Psalm 83 said).

So, when I see SJP "demonstrations" like the one my friend Ma Shaposted yesterday at San Francisco State University, I know it is not simply college students "protesting". It is a campaign promoting genocide. And anyone who knows history knows that genocide is always preceded by the dehumanization of the targeted group.

6 million European Jews died in the Holocaust. Almost 60 million people died total. It starts with the Jews and moves on to everyone.

We will not keep silent.

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