Tuesday, April 5, 2016

GOD & Israel, The "Dry Bones" becoming a "Light For The Nations"

When I made the video, "A Light For The Nations" yesterday my intention was not to vilify the Catholic or Christian church. Rather, to show that God is forever with Israel. A rebellion working against Israel whether through Emperor Hadrian (who removed most of the remaining Jews from the land in 136 AD) or Antisemitism born through Systematic Theology which is foundational in church doctrine. Both rejected what God is doing through Israel.

Note: Systematic Theology is why we have Western Theology today! Most people in the Western world do not have a clue about Hebrew thought and exegesis within the Hebrew Scriptures or....THE ENTIRE BIBLE none of which was written from a Western mindset. How does this happen when GOD is laser focused on ISRAEL? The answer is really biblical, "Great Deception!"

The Video

The hellish deeds of Constantine (and his mother) are another form of the deligitimization of anything Jewish. Hence the Catholic Church was born. Not from the hand of God but from the hands of men with the doctrinal institutions born of REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY...
The Church replaced Israel... A different form of BOYCOTT, DIVEST and SANCTIONS or BDS movement 1800 years ago.

During the churches powerful, very powerful hold on most of Western Society the Crusades and various pogroms against anything Jewish were normal. The only difference between Sharia Law and Church Law was location if you were Jewish. Through all of this the books of Tanakh became the OLD thing or that Jewish stuff whereas the books of the Brit Chadasha became the New Thing or the Christian Scriptures...(Ironically, written by Jews) Through the translations or Transliteration Jesus became the, "Head of the Church" His identity via Systematic Theology became far better than his Jewish heritage...Hence the western world does not know that Heritage at all,

The Jews did not reject Christianity, they rejected a transliterated, translated, and transformed Gospel!

Note, when reading the information on the link above I realize that the gospel circulated by the Christian world is not the Besorah or "Good News" that was born into the Jewish world. Most of the Christian world follows a doctrine that is not Hebrew in nature...and certainly not what God commanded Ancient Israel to do forever. This is why many of the Jews rejected what Christianity morphed into. I am convinced that were the Disciples alive today they would run from Christianity and or die all over again in support of the Jewish Messiah!

Acts 21:20 And those having heard began glorifying God, and they said to him, "You see, brother, how many myriads there are among the Jews having believed, and are all zealous ones for the Law.

How would Jewish people who do not believe in the Gospels write letters confirming what the "OLD Testament" is all about? 

John 2:23-7:31-8:30-4:39 Acts 6:7

In Charles Dicken's story of Scrooge we see a form of "Jews bad, Christians good" supplanted into Western psychology subliminally entrenched into religious awareness. Namely, a miserable man who is focused on "MONEY" (with a Jewish name) portrayed as a decrepit, bitter, old, fool until the light of pagan Christmas and the THREE spirits (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) cause his conversion to a more "CHRIST LIKE " individual. In truth the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge is a non overt, subtle antisemitic story against the Jewish people. During the life of Dickens anti Jewish was no different than anti Jewish in the Moslem world today...Again the locations change but the spirit does not...

So, in all of this I am watching what GOD is doing. Whether 3500 years ago, 2500 years ago, 1500 years ago or ten minutes ago.
When I made the video yesterday the point I am making is this....GOD has one plan, one story. It is a story of the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel who will receive Mochiach or Messiah. The entire Bible is an announcement, an historical accounting of, and a prophetic absolute about this relationship offered to mankind through...ISRAEL.
Moses, a Jew, starts the whole conversation out by providing an historical framework. GOD did not choose Louie Farrakhan to tell a story or to turn back the pages of history for obvious reasons....GOD is not stupid!

Allah and Jesus are born from the Transliterations, Translations, and Transformation of the Hebrew Scriptures. GOD did not change himself, his word or the Laws of "Thy Kingdom Come" ...We did after reconstructing the Tower of Babel a kazillion times.

The Apostle Paul would have never accused YESHUA of breaking TORAH or tossing the festivals of the LORD under the bus.....He would have insisted that Yeshua was the perfect example of the instructions of GOD...How on earth could he have not done so?
The one constant commitment of mankind is ignoring what God is doing. With so much antisemitism in the world how is it possible for the Jews to have survived being dispersed, with out a country, brutalized by just about everyone (in particularly the Catholic and Christian communities over the course of 10 centuries)? How is it possible for the State of Israel to exist surrounded by a sea of Arab nations who represent another form of antisemitism birthed in yet another religion? How is it possible for the the Christian mind to not see the hand of GOD returning many to the Hebrew construct of the scriptures placed into a very set apart people?.....In two words: Deception and Rebellion....
Hence the death of anything Jewish with a myriad of reasons and justifications. That's what BDS allows; just ask Hitler and Gobles (when you catch up with them)!

GOD is not returning people to

The clans of Africa, the courts of Constantinople, the Popes of Rome, or the Pastors of Christianity. When we simply categorize what God is doing we see the rebirth of the nation of Israel and the building up of Zion, Jews returning form all over the world while the nations are doing everything they can to divide Israel...like a hook in the Jaw the nations turn towards Israel  We see a return to TORAH (GOD'S instruction) happening all over the globe! Christianity was born from these instruction but systematically un-grafted itself from Israel.
So far, nothing that the nations, the religions, and the politics of Babel do has the ability to stop what the hand of GOD is doing. I thank Him daily for those living in Israel securing the land promised as they prepare for Messiah, the King of the Jews!

So, I keep watching what GOD is doing..Thus, Israel is like a telescope that I can look through when searching for clarity. Her history is on every page of the Bible, a quintessential accompaniment when peering through the looking glass.

Most Christians struggle with everything that YOU just read.........
So I ask, 'Who among you will call GOD a liar?'

Joel 3:2 I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

Their is no power in the whole of creation that will stop Israel from becoming a light for the nations

And before you say to me, "Okay Jeff, but what about the Jews and what they did? I am watching GOD not the Jews. This is an easy thing for me to do because I have "Uncolored" myself from the lies that we have all inherited!...Have a nice day!

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