Sunday, April 3, 2016

And Man Created the Palestinian

I first started studying the whole issue of the Palestinian people in late 1986 or 87. Surprisingly enough I soon realized that most of what Arafat (a gay pedophile) was espousing to be a filthy little lie.  So, I started studying from the fall of the Ottoman Empire working my way forward.

Well, I should start by sharing about Theodore Herzl and his call for a Jewish State

It did not take long to follow the various legal statutes that gave birth to the State of Israel via the League of Nations which has since become the unholy United Nations today. I won't bore you with the details. (To the handful of you who know the actual history) The rest of you are welcome to do what I a book and study actual history for yourselves (Avoid the revised crap!) You too, will find out that their are no ancient kings or queens of Palestine, no military conquests, no academic, archaeological, or scientific history of the Palestinian people.

I challenge the "Nut Hut" folks regularly with their college born assertions, bred into them by wacko professors born of the goo left on the ground in places like Haight Ashbury or Woodstock roughly 50 years ago. Today, many well entrenched tenured professors suck on the Islamic student centers intellectual wellspring of information (that dot most US college campuses) for the sake of money. (While the Middle East is war torn and blood soaked with religious lunacy) Yup, as blood pours into the earth based on Sharia and Jihad the college campuses around our country are orgasmic with the thought of protecting a people that has never existed.

Like Hitler, a lie told often enough becomes truth to the masses. The Muslim Brotherhood, since 1928 has been proving this to be ....true! They lie because the truth is not in them!

Who needs a YOU TUBE video portraying the idiocy of the American college student carrying a sign reading "I SUPPORT B.D.S or Apartheid Israel?" The oxymoronic reality of this entire conversation is killing people!...

These lunatics who feed your children school lunches while dismantling the American Dream in their very young, impressionable minds now function in what has been called "Higher Education"  In comparison, the Jerry Springer show is of a higher standard considering what higher education is producing throughout the United States of America (?) While you work so that wealth can be redistributed your children now follow people like Bernie Sanders or the person in front of them who is about to jump off a cliff!

I found this wonderful video chock full of truth on Facebook....

As a final thought concerning truth I would gander to suggest with confidence that were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr alive today he would, I am sure, give the makers of this short little video clip a standing ovation! You see, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama have as much in common as does Osama Bin Laden and Johnny Carson prior to their deaths....

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