Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Jews Killed Jesus and the White Devil killed us!

The following is an excerpt from a comment that is posted on my YOU TUBE page:

"What makes the Jews so special? Yes, They were the chosen race to bring forth the Savior through the Blood line of David, Jesus is the Son of God. The Jews were dispersed because of their rejection of Jesus the Messiah, they even rewrote their scriptures and changed their calendar to blot out all memory of the Messiah and deny He was real!"

The majority of Christians that I have spoken to over the course of my life time have this mindset entrenched within the biblical revelation unfolding. Equally, the majority of black Americans that I have spoken to with regard to the slave trade have a mindset that is based on what, "White People" have done to "Black People."

I spent an hour or so on the phone with Laurie Cardoza-Moore a few nights ago. We spoke about both of the subjects above. Laurie and I have been friends for several years. I follow  Laurie's non profit organization, "Proclaiming Justice to the Nations" meticulously. For as long as I have been on the Internet and prior to meeting Laurie Cardoza-Moore I have been fighting both of the above subject matters. I know that both are simply not true in the way both are bandied about in our culture.
For 1800 years and since the birth of Islam the history, the actual history is not known to most Christians and to most of Black America concerning the two subject matters above. After reading, "The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa" by John Alembillah Azuma and "Copernicus and the Jews" written by Daniel Gruber, the epiphany both books offered is a return to actual history as opposed to revised or contrived history, who knew? The problem in our culture today is that most people rely on what is revised and or contrived. Compounding matters is the fact that most Americans know more about sitcoms than they do about history!
I have decided to stay laser focused on what PJTN is doing and to support this organization exclusively because, they understand, implicitly understand our responsibility to stand with Israel and fight the lies that we have inherited...I fight this fight because I don't know, nor do I ever want to learn how to do "NOTHING" (in preparation for the arrival of Messiah!)

Jeremiah 16:19 JPS Tanakh 1917
O LORD, my strength, and my stronghold, And my refuge, in the day of affliction, Unto Thee shall the nations come From the ends of the earth, and shall say: 'Our fathers have inherited nought but lies, Vanity and things wherein there is no profit.'

If you wonder why I keep writing, keep extolling what I do, simply watch both of the following! I introduced Laurie to Pastor Mark Biltz several years ago. After learning about her organization, El Shaddai Ministries invited Laurie to come and present a seminar educating Christians why we must stand with Israel.

The task to restore or to return to God from the clutches of sin, lies, and deception starts with a desire to know actual history. This is why we open the Jewish Scriptures in the first place. However, sharing the actual history is made horrifically difficult because the pervasive lie taught for years, in addition to antisemitism, fostered by the church is this:
The Jews Killed Jesus 
and the White Devil killed us!

The WORD of GOD teaches us that Sin or Lawlessness against the KINGDOM of God is killing all of us
1 John 3:4
Everyone who practices sin practices lawlessness as well. Indeed, sin is lawlessness.
(Jesus fulfilled the law, did away, with it made it obsolete?)

For just as by the agency of one-man, sin entered the universe, and by means of sin, death, in this way death passed by this sin unto all the children of men, because all of them have sinned.
(But, Jesus did away with the Law lest we forget and racism is caused by white people?)

Yup, we are almost orgasmic when it comes to believing lies. Some of us, according to Brad Scott are eating the Good and some of us are eating the Evil...Only a few of us are eating from the other tree!


Claude Armstrong said...

The double Deception presented here then rebuked by actual history fact is at the core of my own conquest to discern eternal truth, the truth that, and Who withstands all determination to annihilate by any means, including near-truth claims.

I began supporting Biltz when first I heard of him, but his determined pro-Pope stance killed that support the minute he uncovered himself one Saturday. Speaking of Saturn worship day. Those who follow the pagan papal calendar forced upon the Jews by threat of death if they continued the calendar provided by Creator to Moshe' are like Biltz, deceived.

The REAL calendar of Shabbat is ordered on two celestial bodies, not the one body the pope worships, the sun. The lunar-based solar-adjusted calendar features a Shabbat that does not repeat yearly. It follows a Lunar cycle that varies somewhat, rendering the solar pagan calendar worthless in every way to eternal truth.

Another reason I do not follow messianic stuff.

In any case, learn to keep light grip on fading claims of truth by those who are not true all the way through.

Jeff Morton said...

You lost me a few times?