Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Terrorism or Torah? Both have a long history!

I found the following website specifically searching Google for this sort of information:

I also came across a website that has a list of terrorism attacks as far back as the 1970s. The site has not been updated for sometime. However, the list, when reading it causes your mind to shutter at the horror of Islamic terrorism and the incredible loss of life over the last 40+ years.

I have read many articles about the first terrorists according to historical accounts. I came across the following site which is very new to me but, I like what I am reading throughout the site.

As we watch the carnage in Brussels and consider the next terrorist attack which is sure to follow, I thought to write a little blog article hoping that you might consider what I do in the face of all of this death. I learn about God through Israel and the WORD given to this nation, this people thousands of years ago. I study what the CREATOR is doing, how He is doing it (all that is being done) and how or why I am part of this time, in this hour, and for what purpose. My entire being left a religious aspect of what the CREATOR is all about. Preferring to study history in order to discover a more a literal, factual, historical aspect about what He is doing in the face of what mankind has always done. I have left Babylon and Babylon does not like it..........

When ever you open your Bible you study history, the history of Israel...(Just ask Moses!)

I look at the repetition of war, death, and destruction that follow patterns throughout the centuries. The names of the cities, countries, and people change but, the behavior, not so much! In our time we have chemical, biological, and nuclear tools to use against our neighbors while terrorism is become as common to mankind as is bread with butter. Death is NEWS more than loss of life, anguish and suffering. Death is an expectation due to the success of terrorism. Terrorism is as entrenched into the human psyche as is abortion or child sacrifice which follows the same patterns that have always been provincial in cities, countries and the behavior of people. Nothing new under the sun is not a catch phrase but rather, a biblical absolute.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 That which hath been is that which shall be, And that which hath been done is that which shall be done; And there is nothing new under the sun.

In our time the words are radical Islam as opposed to Assyrian terrorism but, it is the same thing really. Nevertheless, and just like in times before, our Creator is calling for return, a return to his ways. This option has been accompanying mankind for a long as we have been mankind! Our Creator has a few patterns of his own. In order to begin the process of distinguishing the difference one has to understand what ISRAEL is. Therein lies the ways of the LORD, really!

It behooves a person to simply learn those ways. A great place to start is asking a simple question: What is Israel to God? Interestingly enough, Israel is in the center of the world of terrorism, right "smack dab" in the heart of....insanity? Remember too, Jesus was Jewish, placed right smack dab in the center of....Rome!

Which pattern brings hope: The one placed into Israel or the one men developed and placed into the hearts of their sons and daughters!

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