(Nashville, TN) – March 8, 2016 -The core global message of Proclaiming Justice To The Nations-“to educate Christians on their biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel against the new anti-Semitism” – was heard stronger than ever by the large consignment of international broadcasters, media, and Christian ministry communicators gathered in Nashville during the last week of February for the “Proclaim 16” convention hosted by the National Religious Broadcasters Association.

Central to PJTN’s messaging at NRB was pre-promotion of their soon-to-be released new documentary, Hating Israel… In Search of The Truth Behind BDS. A special preview of the new production was shown at PJTN’s live event at NRB. The documentary explores the rising tide globally of “Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions” being raised against Israel. A late spring release date is expected for the documentary which was filmed in Israel and hosted by political satirist Brad Stine. During the special PJTN Press Briefing hosted by PJTN Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore on Thursday morning, Stine explained to media the unique approach director Stan Moore brought to the documentary. The focus of the briefing by a panel of distinguished guests was the ongoing fight against the BDS movement.

In addition to a four day record breaking crowd flow to the PJTN booth on the exhibition floor, the pro-Israel organization’s 2016 International Christian Prayer & Dinner Event For Israel held on February 25th proved to be a major centerpiece event of this year’s NRB conference, attracting both a capacity audience of PJTN donors and supporters, as well as a large contingency of national and international media, radio affiliates, and television broadcasters. Central to the dinner event was the presentation by PJTN Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore of PJTN’s annual Ed McAteer “Tree Of Life Award” to 2016 recipient Stanley G. Tate. Recently appointed to serve as Board Chairman for the non-profit organization, Mr. Tate is the only living founding member of the American Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and served under former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton as Chairman of the Resolution and Trust Corporation (RTC). His resume of global humanitarianism and lifetime support of Israel lead to his selection as recipient of “The Tree of Life Award.”

Keynote speaker for this year’s event was Rafael Cruz, nationally known as both a well-respected pastor and father of 2016 Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz. Pastor Cruz brought an impassioned message in support of Israel and the necessity of Christians to remain strongly vocal in America’s political future, a presentation that brought attendees to a standing ovation. In his comments, Pastor Cruz condemned the BDS movement that is being fueled by Christian adherents to replacement theology and supercessionism. 

Unique to this year’s event was the presentation by a panel of media broadcasters who currently partner in bringing PJTN’s programming and messaging to its current global reach of more than 200 nations and over 900 million viewers worldwide. Panelists included Jeffrey Levinson, Programming Executive for GOD TV, George Escobar, program director of WND.tv, Perry Atkinson, executive/broadcaster with The Dove Network, and Jensine Bard, host of the internationally heard “Testimony” radio broadcast.

The production by PJTN of unique award winning documentaries including The Forgotten People, Christianity and The Holocaust, and Israel Indivisible: The Case For the Ancient Homeland, as well as the highly acclaimed weekly series, Focus On Israel, hosted by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, has established regular broadcasting partnerships with a host of national and international television broadcasters-including GOD TV, NRB-TV, Dove-TV, Total Living Network (TLN), High Adventure Ministries, WND.com. Walk-TV, and Hebraic Roots Network (HRN). Additionally, Cardoza-Moore has become a major “go to” voice in support of Israel—with regular guestings on national radio and television broadcasts, including the Fox News Channel.

Major media outlets hosted by PJTN at this year’s “Event For Israel” included TBN Russia, Kanal 10-TV Norway, Israel-7 TV, LeSea Broadcasting, CTN-TV, Dove Network, NRB-TV, USA Radio Network, Uplift-TV, MBC Radio Network, International Press Association, Evangelical Press Association, Christian News Service and FrontPage Jerusalem.

Noted Laurie Cardoza-Moore in recapping the week, “By far this was our most successful NRB both in the scope of our messaging reach, our outreach to new donors, and the inter-action with media. Coming out of the week, we have a list of new television affiliates we’re negotiating with to bring programming to an even greater global viewership. Plus the education opportunities to expose the BDS movement gave broadcasters and journalists at this year’s NRB a full arsenal of rich informational resources in support of Israel to share with their audiences in response to the rising tide of anti-Semitism being seen globally. We remain dedicated to reach the world in support of our Jewish brethren and Israel.”