Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kristallnacht Two? The Abuse of the American Jew

"A massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich on the night of November 9, 1938, into the next day, has come to be known as Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass."

Since joining with my Jewish brethren, and Israel in understanding "HOW" the Scriptures are sharing the past, present, and future of Israel I have come to understand better, "Repeating Patterns" and the cyclical nature found in Hebrew thought. Equally important is how the scriptures are connected to what GOD is doing with and through Israel for the benefit of all of mankind; with this in mind my reality is quite amazing. I get to watch with baited breath, the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel as the days proceed. I get to watch what God is doing towards this end.

I also get to witness the hellish persecution of the Jewish people on a global scale as men or the kingdoms of men rebel against the nature of God and his purposes. This too is a cyclical pattern. I have written several times a relative comparison between the United States of America and Germany insofar as both were/are considered preeminent "Christian Nations"

The ability of Germany to mechanism a war machine capable of projecting itself throughout Europe with stunning speed was for the Jewish people and millions of lives a tragedy still reverberating in the soul of mankind. The church largely did nothing as a preeminent Protestant/Catholic religion (and you all know how I feel about religion!)

"The vast majority of Germans still identified as Christians (according to the 1933 census, 52 per cent Protestant and 33 per cent Catholic)"

Our current generation of youth for the most part is clueless of this history.

Germany was defeated, the British empire brought to it's knees and much of Europe decimated. Ultimately, Germany was divided, nearly 20 million Russians (who committed pogrom after pogrom against anything Jewish as often as breakfast is served at a Denny's restaurants it would seem) suffered horrendous death as World War II came to an end.
America became a "Super Power" under the Throne of Heaven [Under not above] Rome was divided too...(and so was Ancient Israel)

I have been watching for nearly 20 years a steady antisemitic attitude growing against the Jewish community within America. Many of the college campuses across the spectrum have no concept whatsoever about "Loving your neighbor" or " Do unto others as you would want done to you!" Surprising me the most is the American Black who benefited tremendously during the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr as a direct result of much of the Jewish community's (Not all to be sure) support during the struggle for civil rights. To have the 1st Black President of America show steady disdain for Israel nearing 8 years and running is a stunning turnabout, perhaps even the pinnacle of change!

America is socially divided, becoming more and more economically divided (with the financial onslaught against the so called middle class in full swing.) The church as a whole is muted, dare I say duct taped shut with no voice at all and racial division under Barrack Obama stoked like a fire being started. Many in the church world still exclaim (with conviction of the heart) the 2000 year old lie, "The Jews killed Jesus!" Trust me on this, I hear this probably five or six times in a month. We are watching similar lies watered on the college campus' All having to do with deligitimizing Jews...

Golly, gee, wiz, Beav, that's what Hitler did too!

Anyway, I have written all of the above as a prelude to the following video that I saw for the first time this morning on Facebook. Those of you who have returned the Bible to Israel will probably get this. Those of you who are clueless won't read this!

If you don't think America is headed for a judgement due to its treatment of the Jewish population, the immorality and the decadence that was similar to the very thing that brought Hitler to power it is most likely because you are a college student welcoming Islam into your society!


FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENT: "Nazi Germany and the Third Reich are common English names for the period of history in Germany from 1933 to 1945, when it was a dictatorship under the control of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party"

Like I said above, I am watching what God is doing with and through Israel.


Nadene Goldfoot said...

Beautifully said, Jeff. I'm thankful that you recognize what has been happening to us. Also, your writing style is terrific! I'm very impressed! It's past Shabbat time right now and I was just going to check on my own blogs and accidentally ran across this great article of yours. Things like this is never just an accident. I'm so glad I found it. You've started the week for me on a much better path. Thanks.

Jeff Morton said...

Thanks Nada,

From the heart!

Justin said...

Jeff, what is your take on what this means for American Christian supporters of Israel? Or for those of us anywhere in the western world? Justin in Australia.

P.S. first time reader of your blog. Thank you for writing! Gripping timely and much needed.

Jeff Morton said...

Thank You Justin for visiting!

I think the mistake made was not grafting into the common wealth of Israel over the last 1800 years. Nevertheless, just as Elijah & Ruth "JOINED" with the children of Israel and became a part of what GOD is doing through Israel...The Blessings flow. The Western Christian who returns to the ways of God are finding a gigantic revelation happening through the words given to ISRAEL's descendants via Moses....
We need to watch what GOD is doing, not what we have failed to do (Jew and non Jew alike)

Isaiah 2:3 and Malachi 4:2 (Isaiah 60 tells us what GOD is planning rather plainly)

This is what GOD said would happen through the prophets. Israel is to be a light for the nations. Was God joking or being very!

Jeff Morton said...

Look at the bright side......Many are standing with the children of Israel.....If we loose our lives as a result, so be it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your replies, Jeff. I've been aware of the Jewish/Hebrew 'roots' for some time but really only become deeply interested in the last month or two. Your blog posts certainly add fuel to the fire of interest for me. Thank you.

"If I perish, I perish!" - Esther.

Unknown said...

Oh, another question - is there a key post or set of posts that explain your blog's title? I've been trying to find these to no avail.

Jeff Morton said...

On June 29th 2009 while in Midland, Texas for a two hour televised interview I was sleeping in a motel. At around 3:00 am I woke up saying (From my mouth) "I did not color you this way, Un-Color Yourselves, Tell my people to Un-Color themselves" From this experience I wrote the Book "Un-Coloring Race, Black to Breisheet" Or return to the beginning get out of the darkness.

Their are a few things in that book that I know longer espouse but the heart of the book is a testimony.

I changed the name of my blog (which I started writing in 2007) and have posted 2062 blog articles since