Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's time for the church to give the scriptures back to Israel

I really, truly believe that Yahweh is (not attempting to) calling the Christian world back to TORAH. I believe that everything that God (not what we have done) has poured into the Christian world is based on what he poured into Israel. I speak against the fact that Christianity due to a horrific lie (The Jews killed Jesus) separated from being grafted into the common wealth of Israel. It is an interesting thing to watch Christians returning to TORAH.....

The Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Torah based titles that we have given one another, and the subsequent infighting that is nonstop when religion is used to qualify the hand of God simply underscores what is actually happening..........
I loved hearing the following clip by Bill Cloud for one main reason: God kept alive through, the Church his life as a man, his death as an offering (of renewal) and his resurrection as a sign of restoration! It truly will be a marvelous thing when the two "witnesses" see Mochiach face to face.

Pastor Mark Biltz, (my pastor) often says, "It's time for the church to give the scriptures back to Israel!"
I agree.

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