Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Practice Separation?

I continue to revisit mentally what was really the capstone of last weekend...Biblical Dysfunction and how this is what is handed down. I am going to make a YOU TUBE video after I get my son and his family off to the airport this morning.....

Dysfunction is why I do not:

Why I do not jump on the bandwagon about "Black Identity"
Why I do not argue position anymore
Why I have promoted with disagreements many, many people, some are listed below

Bill Cloud
Rico Cortes
Daniel McGirr
Tony Robinson.
119 Ministries.
Mark Biltz.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Rabbi Shalom Arush
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Joel Richardson
Valerie Moody
God's Learning Channel
Jim Staley.
Holissa Alwine
Skip Moen
Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel
Sondra Baras
Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith
Dave Matthews.
Rabbi Itzhak Shapira
Ahuvah Chana Baht Yah
Trina TiTi Ladette Cleveland
Peter Thalhofer
Frank Seekins
Greg Silverman
Brad Scott
Laurie Cardoza-Moore.
and so many, many, many people...I see Family not doctrine
I see the Un-Colored, Un-Ashamed-Un-Broken Kingdom of God being regathered.

I see GOD taking us out of the dysfunctions that we have inherited. Professor Skip Moen helped me to better define the lies inherited.........

I will always speak against racism, bigotry, religious separation, religious doctrines and theological absolutes that destroy relationship. I am not a religious person but rather a "Kid of the Kingdom"

It is not possible for me to see the Biblical STORY from a Catholic or Christian Paradigm anymore.....simply not possible!

Have an amazing day
Jeremiah 16:19

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