Friday, February 19, 2016

So, what part of the story will others read about YOU?

Professor Skip Moen inspired a thought within my spirit that has been pervasive most of this week.
He used the term "Tribal Story" concerning the historic relationships of the people we read about in the scriptures. Well, you and I have a story. Suppose for a moment that the Bible is still being written. Suppose too, that the difficulty, the hardship along with every challenge the patriarchs face, to include Moses as well, are part of the same story unfolding. Suppose that in 1948 as well as 1967 and everyday in between Israel's story is still creating pages in a book yet written?

If we accept the fact that (and I do) we are grafted into this tribal story what is happening in life, in your life that connects you/us to the pages yet to be written? In other words, is our story a religious story unfolding or a tribal story continuing? If it is the latter, is religion what drives you or trying to survive and overcome life's challenges more pointed in how you tackle each day. Is GOD a part of your humanity or not?

How different in thought are we from the characters/people written about previously and written about over a period of....centuries? What is being written about us, about you and I in this century? Is your family broken like Abraham's was? Do the people in your life struggle like King David did? Is the rejection of Sarah and Hagar a principal emotion in your working world?

I read a book by Elie Wiesel titled, "FIVE BIBLICAL PORTAITS" This book remains one of my most treasured possessions. I should probably order another copy as mine is tattered and falling apart. My beloved friend of precious memory, Charlie Schiffman gave this book to me many years ago. I have read it and re-read it many times. This book showed to me the lives of five men as opposed to the story of five men. I was able for the first time to touch their identities or at the very least embrace Elie Wiesel's reason for writing this book. Five men became life like, alive, tangible, remembered!

All of my life I have gravitated towards the miracle of people not the color or the religion of people. I have looked to appreciate and to promote the best in people as opposed to seeing life filled with rage and hostility. (I had to overcome a life filled with rage and hostility) I am a better person today as a result. I think that what we have done with bigotry and prejudice, religion, and social injustice continues to be something we all have to overcome. Perhaps those who believe in human evolution should consider how our lack of humanity has remained the same? Just because I think this does not mean my neighbor agrees!

I think we remember the patriarchs and their tribal stories because they managed to do something incredible for all of us in service to the reason any of us exist at all. I think too that they overcame much in order to be remembered by many!

So what part of the story are you in?

I am moving away from branding my faith in our Creator in order that I might articulate better why I am here in the first place. I think my story is about people, about doing something for others that is worthy to be written about. Arguing about doctrines and theologies, skin color and failure is a conversation that is endless and serves, in my life time, only division. The teachers can teach, the political world can do politics, the religious world can fight and argue......
Jeff is going to do people! I am going to put them on my radio broadcast and ask them to share their story.

The Biblical story of Israel is still unfolding, so too, is ours. 
Which means our Creator is recording everything and choosing others to write it all down.


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