Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shutting down the Radio Broadcast

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The Jeff Morton Report is in hiatus.
Due to several factors I am suspending broadcasting the Jeff Morton Report radio broadcast. The dollars necessary to promote the program have largely come from one sponsor. The show has not supported itself through listener-ship and or sponsorship. Equally, the number of listeners to the program were not significant enough for me to continue asking you to sponsor and or promote something I thought a worthy thing to do. Our main sponsor was willing to keep funding the program due to those who listened to my show regularly but folks, the numbers just are not there to justify allowing the show to continue.

The email is deactivated please use

(I also am shutting down all Facebook activity........)
Thanks so much for your support along the way. I really, really appreciate what we did and were trying to do.


Joseph Randolph said...

How much is needed for you to broadcast ?

Jeff Morton said...

Read my latest post on my blog...Thanks Bro....

Great pic of the two of you!