Monday, February 29, 2016

Nazi Germany to ISIS, "Here You Come Again!"

I was watching a program a few days ago for much of the day. One of those continuous History Channel programs segmented out over several hours. [Although, I don't think it was the history channel, per say?] The program gave a detailed account of Germany's war effort from invading Poland to France to Russia. I watched intently about 5 hours of this documentary culminating with America's eventual entering the war and, of course Japan's attacking Pearl Harbor I have no idea what the name of the documentary is, such is the shape of my memory these days. I thought to write it down but failed to actually do it.....I think it was on A&E...(hmmmm, let me see if I can find it.)

Not sure if it was the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp) or some other documentary. Nevertheless, I was captivated watching the account offered. I don't know much about WWII so the information, historical account, and overall snapshot of how the war was fought was fascinating on this particular day. I could not shut it off watching again, about five hours total. Truth be told, I was wondering throughout the programming, "God what were you doing, while we were killing each other?"

Eventually, the program addressed with a generous amount of detail the liberation of the extermination camps of Nazi Germany. As often is the case when these historical atrocities are recalled whether, Germany, Armenian genocide, the Arab slavers, European and or American slave trading or the current Islamic genocide (which is building in momentum, not subsiding) my entire spirit twists with an agony ripe with horror and disbelief!

The propensity to kill and destroy one another is as common as is the rise and fall of religious lunatics and or political monsters. Less we forget the insane who somehow manage to come to power causing great destruction and death. These are all as common to mankind as is hating our neighbors. We continue to hate making room for the despots to rise up and lead war!

Using the words of Professor Arthur 'Skip' Moen
"The further we get from God the less human we become."

Well, in my life time I have watched humanity leap, with great dexterity away from our Creator, the Great,  I AM. Unlike Nazi Germany the world has an arsenal of weaponry that can kill entire cities, states, and countries with in a few hours. The propensity to commit this type of war leaped, on steroids, it would seem with what is best called, inhumanity at this point!

The future is created by what has happened in the past. Wisdom has not been a cornerstone in how mankind constructs its future, just look at our past!

ISIS has dirty bomb, confirmed
Russia and Nato....and Turkey "Oh My"

What sort of video's will be made retelling what we have done to one another moving forward?
Well, ISIS is already dialing into the Hollywood, video game world, killing while filming our neighbors....Here comes death once again!

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