Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Broken Marriage in the Garden of Eden hurt all of us!

I have been thinking for much of the week about Skip Moen's presentation last weekend. I also read a couple of articles reflecting on the so called "Heresy of Skip Moen" I readily dismissed the articles but they represent exactly what I have been digesting for several days. When Skip was pointing out via the "Biblical Text" itself the dysfunction operating with in the relationships of the patriarchs as well as Adam and Eve I could see the same dysfunctions operating today. (I was going to make a video about all of this but my software is not working, go figure?)

I stopped arguing doctrine and theological absolutes last year. In fact, I moved away from the argument all together. I cannot embrace the conversation having to do with racial inequality or religious segregation due to theological differences as well. I see one gigantic family broken for centuries. Like many issues within my own family I see the inability to communicate, to find common ground, to forgive and to work through pride issues, injustices and differences in opinions. These failures dictate most of the outcomes that are not favorable to or even in step with the compassion of GOD.

I am faced with a bit of a dilemma because I am not moving towards a Kumbaya mindset (although, "Come by Here My LORD" is not such a bad request)....I am instead trying to take the entire "Un-Coloring Race" mindset that is intrinsic to who I am and broaden the concept by way of simply encouraging that we start dealing with our dysfunctions towards one another with in the believing community. I have no idea how to accomplish this but I do know that we all are practicing dysfunction more than we are practicing compassion......

Skip Moen created an entire area of thought when discussing the dysfunction with in the BODY of the ancient families
He also made clear the enemies of our CREATOR who worship death.

Me, I am part of the Body of life. God did not create a religious manner to know him but rather a relationship. I am beginning to realize that we simply do not know how to let go of the dysfunctions in order to participate in the relationship offered. The beauty is in knowing that GOD'S examples have not changed.

I think Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob eventually realized the freedom in returning to GOD's purposes and GOD'S reasons and GOD'S design and proper function of why we exist in the first place.

So, in conclusion, I have had to ask myself, 'Jeff, what is your function in the Kingdom and where is your dysfunction preventing you from a better relationship with the King and his family?"

This is what I have to address. I think I began to understand this last year when Pastor Mark Biltz asked me, "Jeff, how many sheep attack the wolf?"

When reading the articles calling Professor Moen a heretic I felt sorry for the writer! Again, I think too, that my book, "Un-Coloring Race" is intrinsic to who I have always been. I remember as a child crying over the abuse that was all around me. Whether watching it portrayed on television or with in my neighborhood......
I think people are AMAZING. I also think we have lost the ability to embrace AMAZING!

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