Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Bible and Israel, Proclamations of the King!

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel  http://thelandofisrael.com/
noun a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.

Nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation does God declare a promise to Christianity or the church....Not one time is their a sentence in the original Hebrew text declaring a promise made to Christianity via covenant relationship through Abraham that is unbreakable and or forever.

In 1948 the nation of Israel was restored not the church system in the land of Israel. Jews from all over the world are regathering in their ancestral lands....not Christians.

Please consider the message of Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel. Listen carefully to what the biblical text does say about those who join themselves to God's Israel. Rabbi Gimpel does a brilliant job sharing what is happening and what is soon to happen...Thank you!

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