Saturday, January 30, 2016

Professor Skip Moen teaches your pastors!

I have heard certain objections to Skip Moen. This is not something I did not expect however, to toss away the body of work this man has labored for years unmasking is ridiculous? He teaches me, too!

Over the course of several weeks, I have shared the following with so many, many, many, people. Each time that I have done so the same, exact response has occurred.......

Who heard this conversation for the first time?

"In the day that you eat of the tree of the knowledge of "Good and Evil" you shall surely die (?)

The answer I have received almost verbatim is...Adam!

The fact is Moses was telling this history. Therefore, the descendants of Jacob are hearing this conversation from the writings of Moses. Moses was not in the garden.....

When I say this to these folks I hear, "Wow, that's right!" Thus the "Paradigm Shift" in thought begins and an entirely different way to see what is happening comes into view right down to why Moses used the term serpent when describing satan.....Pharaoh's head-dress was a serpent? I will let Skip Moen reshape your thinking in this arena in the same way Moses was reshaping the ancient Israelites thinking.......

Adam had no concept of what they were thinking 2000 years earlier!
And neither do we nearly 4000 years later.
Dr. Skip Moen helps us to Teshuvah as he teaches today's seminary students

Arthur "Skip" J. Moen, Professor 

B.A., University of Washington; B.A., Seattle Pacific College; M.A., University of Washington; M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL); D.Phil., Oxford, University, Oxford, England .

Focus areas:  administration, bible, biblical leadership, church history, Greek and Hebrew languages, Hebrew world views.

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