Thursday, January 14, 2016

I read the Bible to understand what God is doing!

 I do not see the Bible in the way that the world has understood it for the last 1800 years. The Bible is not a church thing to me, nor is it a book helping me to understand faith, salvation or even Heaven. It is a book revealing what our Creator is doing, how he is doing it and the laws, statutes and ordinances that govern his ways. It is a legal & historical, series of documents and stories that offer an accounting (if you will,) of the process.....Once you understand this about me it makes it easier to see why I say, think and comment the way that I do........It's really very simply: God begins to share the revelation about what he is doing through Moses. He set into motion/development the planned nation of Israel in order for mankind to know him. He presents a written account, a living account and an historical account to the world through Israel. The final revelation is also going to be through Israel...This simply is not complicated at all when we remove the man-made chaos of religion!

I understand what Daniel McGirr is sharing quite well!

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