Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Need A Favor?

Scott Bell is the person who has broadcast the Jeff Morton Report from or Worship and Word Radio since March 1, 2015. He has also maintained his radio station on 365 Live for several years with a shoe string budget. Well, many of you know that 365 Live is closing her doors January 31, 2016. Not sure how Scott Bell plans to continue operation He is both in prayer as well as looking at cost effective options. Mr. Bell along with his wife have several children to care for as well.

Scott Bell and I have never physically met. Well, as an act of faith he registered and paid for the Paradigm Shift Conference in February happening in Tacoma, Washington. Scott and his family live in the high desert of California. After paying for the conference the news hit about 365 Live shutting down......

Well, as we say in the Kingdom of God, "keep moving forward" This is what we are working through as God leads.
Scott is short on funds and needs help with airfare...I have sent to him what I could and so too did my sister and her husband (thanks you guys) as well as my faithful friend, Bev.

So, here is my favor:...

Can several of you send a few bucks to Scott Bell via to help finish the cost of his coming here for three days? I am asking for you to bless this individual just because and or for me with a little cash. I would really like to meet this brother face to face, give him a hug and to say thank you! I also want him to attend the conference and so does his wife...(She told me that

Just go to his website and  scroll down to where you can make a contribution help us out..I would be most grateful!

The plan was for him to stay in our home for 3 days but my son, his wife and two children arrived for a month before they move to Japan...So, a lot has happened since Scott paid for the conference....


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