Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I don't see Church, I see the plan of God

The more that I learn about the entire course of Creation from Adam and Eve to Ancient Covenant Law, to the Temple and what it represents, to Israel and why this planet has a people called Jewish, to the nations and why each has a central government, to the written word of our Creator, how it is written, to the language known as Hebrew, and what it communicates beyond vocal sound, to the History of mankind, our accomplishments, our failures, to women and life...The more I understand all of this the less I see church and religiosity....
I see something so amazing culminating that it is hard to breath for me sometimes. I see the plan of God everywhere!!!!!

I think that Dr Skip Moen invokes critical thinking that is not religious based but rather, full of the practicality and simple, factual, detail that bring us back from the abstract to the literal.

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