Thursday, January 21, 2016

How Many Jews Around the World are........

Breaking into innocent homes killing babies, toddlers, children, brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles....

How many Jews around the globe are their beheading men, burning people alive while locked in cages or tied to a spit?

How many Jews around the world are their conquering cities, towns and villages, raping women, enslaving young girls and forcing them to marry before puberty?

How many Jews are their around the globe training to blow up innocent civilians riding a bus, eating a meal, shopping at market or just walking down the street?

How many Jews around the globe pull out knives attacking random people or who drive their cars into crowds of people and then jump out of their vehicles clubbing and stabbing people to death?

How many Jews practice hatred for police attacking and killing them at random?

How many Jews around the globe begin teaching their children to do all of the above before they are potty trained?

How is it possible to castigate the Jewish people who do none of the above....?

EVIL is how!
It calls itself today a Religion of Peace in our Generation and is supported by people who will believe just about anything that is antisemitic............

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