Thursday, January 14, 2016

Have you noticed the Jews of Israel are not murdering everbody?

Have you noticed that the Jews of Israel are not killing and murdering people around the globe? These people are not beheading human beings, raping women and teaching their children to slaughter innocent people. These folks are not blowing up buses, burning people alive while locked in cages or decapitating Christians at the water's edge. They are not flying commercial jets into buildings nor are they exploiting the laws of other counties or filling them up with refugees that mean to do those populations harm. The people of Israel are not developing weapons of mass destruction in order to annihilate other nations. Have you noticed these things about a nation that is accomplishing remarkable things that improve life around the world...

Or, are you so deceived that you cannot see beyond evil?

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Anonymous said...

Not directly. They bribe and coerce US politicians to launch wars against secular governments like Iraq, Syria, and Libya, in which millions of innocents die or are beheaded by indiscriminate bombing of neighborhoods and start coups and revolutions in the Republic of Georgia or Ukraine all in an attempt to wipe out Christian Russia.

Jeff Morton said...

@Anonymous: It is so easy to spout out what you have done...but please prove every one of your assertions and do tell, have you ever been to Israel?