Sunday, January 31, 2016

Without Blame, Professor Skip Moen

The End Game

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 NASB

Without blame – How is this possible? Paul might pray that his followers be found blameless, but we all know the reality. We fail. We sin. We make mistakes. So it really doesn’t matter if Paul or anyone else prays that we be found blameless. We simply aren’t blameless. End of story.
Or maybe not. Our problem is that we think “without blame” is a description of a state of being. Of course, we were probably taught that blamelessness is something we can’t achieve, so God has to make us blameless by some magical spiritual imputation. God passes the blame we deserve to His son who is then executed in our place so that we can be considered blameless. This penal theory of atonement was invented during the Reformation and is still the predominant one among main line denominations. But doesn’t it mean that I am to blame for the death of the son? He didn’t need to die for his own sins. He needed to die for mine. So even if he died for me, how does that remove my blame? I am the cause of his sacrifice, even if it is voluntary.

This kind of thinking leads to the conclusion that blamelessness is essentially a legal fiction. It really doesn’t change my true state. I am still a sinner. I still fail. I still do things that deserve blame. But God pretends that I am blameless. I am supposed to believe that He looks at my eventual, heavenly, eternal state and treats me as if I had already arrived. But that doesn’t change my reality. No matter how much blame is shifted to the son, I still know that I did it. Oh, I can pretend along with God that it doesn’t matter now, but if I am really honest (and I ask those whom I hurt), I know that the blame didn’t suddenly vanish.

All this means that Paul can’t possibly be thinking like a Reformer if he is sincere in his prayer for blamelessness. Perhaps we can unpack some of his thought by paying closer attention to a few critical words. The first is the verb,teretheie, “may be preserved.” The root is tereo, “to watch over, to protect, to take custody, to guard.” We should notice that it is an aorist passive. That means it is a completed action done to us. We don’t do the persevering. God does it on our behalf and what He does has already been done, finished, end of story. What is it that He did? For that answer we need the second word,amemptos, the negation of memphomai, “to find fault.” What God did is not to find fault. By the way, you will notice that it is God who does this. The son plays a role, but not this role.

Now you’ll reply, “Yes, but if God doesn’t find fault as a completed action, isn’t that the same as saying we have a sanctified state of being?” Not exactly. Think like a Hebrew. Why is it that God doesn’t find fault? Is it because we kept all the Torah perfectly? No, not a chance. It’s not about rule-keeping. What is it about? It’s about covenant promises. God doesn’t find fault because He made a promise not to find fault with His children. I know. That sounds like the same legal fiction, but hold on a minute. Because God doesn’t find fault in me, I can stop telling myself that I am not worthy, that I don’t matter, that I don’t measure up to the standard. By the way, I don’t—but that doesn’t matter in this regard. If God doesn’t find fault in me, then why am I doing so? I have been given the liberty to stop acting out my self-defeating identity, the identity I constructed for myself as a result of all my past failures. I am free to change.

This leads to the last important distinction. There is a difference between blame and finding fault. Yes, I know it’s subtle, but it is important. Blame means to assign responsibility for a wrong. It requires someone to 1) to act as judge of the action and determine that it does not meet the standard, and 2) to assign the culpability to someone for this situation. Finding fault does not require assignment of guilt. It only requires recognition of a failure to reach a standard. I can discover there is a lack of compliance without assigning that lack to someone’s responsibility. The NASB translation of amemptos uses a word that automatically includes assigned responsibility. But what Paul might be saying is that at the coming of the Messiah we will be without fault. It’s very much like “no fault insurance” today. Yes, some accident happened, but, no, no one is assigned responsibility.

This also requires a Hebrew point of view. God acts in such a way that we are delivered from our past self-destructive identities. But we still have to change. And for that to occur, God also acts by assisting, guarding, preserving, encouraging and generally engineering our lives so that we have opportunity after opportunity to put the new identity to work. And in the end, when the Messiah comes again, no fault will be found.
Just think about it for awhile.
Topical Index: amemptos, find fault, blame, 1 Thessalonians 5:23

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Boys with lipstick and your daughter taking a shower together at the local high school, Insanity is happening!

Updated Saturday, January 30th, 2016 at 1:30pm PST

Until last week, the Washington Human Rights Commission had not published their activities for almost two years.  That's two years of an unelected commission making legally-binding rules that directly affect your family.
But now, they have crossed the line. 
Your phone calls and emails have made a HUGE difference in this effort.  Some legislative offices have received so much communication on this issue that they haven't been able to function.  In fact, some constituents have reported that Representative Laurie Jinkins' office has stopped answering the phonescompletely
After the open-bathroom rule was quietly put into effect, FPIW was the firstorganizational media group that covered this story.  And it stayed that way for weeks.
With your help, we are making Olympia listen.
In a state where progressive thoughts and policies are the only ones given time in the news cycle, FPIW fills a role that no other group in our state does. We provide you with the updates on the issues that no one else will. 
Your support is vital to the efforts to repeal the bathroom rule.  In every corner of every county, you've made your voice heard on this issue - and we are here to stand and fight with you.  Will you help us raise $200,000 to respond to this issue?
If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at (425) 608-0242. 
We are humbled to serve you and grateful for your generous support.
For such a time as this,
Joseph Backholm
Executive Director
Family Policy Institute of Washington
Family Policy Institute of Washington
16108 Ash Way, Suite 113, Lynnwood, WA 98087

Here is what this email/letter is all about...In this world it takes money. So we have to fight along with Joseph Backholm, who I have met on a few occasions. It takes your involvement


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Professor Skip Moen teaches your pastors!

I have heard certain objections to Skip Moen. This is not something I did not expect however, to toss away the body of work this man has labored for years unmasking is ridiculous? He teaches me, too!

Over the course of several weeks, I have shared the following with so many, many, many, people. Each time that I have done so the same, exact response has occurred.......

Who heard this conversation for the first time?

"In the day that you eat of the tree of the knowledge of "Good and Evil" you shall surely die (?)

The answer I have received almost verbatim is...Adam!

The fact is Moses was telling this history. Therefore, the descendants of Jacob are hearing this conversation from the writings of Moses. Moses was not in the garden.....

When I say this to these folks I hear, "Wow, that's right!" Thus the "Paradigm Shift" in thought begins and an entirely different way to see what is happening comes into view right down to why Moses used the term serpent when describing satan.....Pharaoh's head-dress was a serpent? I will let Skip Moen reshape your thinking in this arena in the same way Moses was reshaping the ancient Israelites thinking.......

Adam had no concept of what they were thinking 2000 years earlier!
And neither do we nearly 4000 years later.
Dr. Skip Moen helps us to Teshuvah as he teaches today's seminary students

Arthur "Skip" J. Moen, Professor 

B.A., University of Washington; B.A., Seattle Pacific College; M.A., University of Washington; M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL); D.Phil., Oxford, University, Oxford, England .

Focus areas:  administration, bible, biblical leadership, church history, Greek and Hebrew languages, Hebrew world views.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

A letter from Rabbi Eckstein

With Planned Parent given another green light to kill children, the boarders of countries being overrun while mayhem, due to ISIS murdering thousands upon thousands of people, around the globe....the insanity of IRAN'S leadership is just another nightmare happening....and it is happening!

January 28, 2016


Dear Friend of Israel,

Last week, four American hostages and their loved ones rejoiced when the hostages were released after being held for years in Iranian prisons. One, a Washington Post reporter, had been held for a year and a half. Another, Iranian-American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, had been held for more than three years – imprisoned for his conversion from Islam to Christianity.

The release, however happy it may have been, came at a high cost to the United States. Sanctions against Iran were lifted, and several days before the release, the U.S. wired billions of dollars to the Islamic Republic. One Iranian general referred to the payment as essentially a ransom payment, a claim the U.S. emphatically denies. The U.S. also released seven Iranian prisoners who had been convicted of sanctions violations.

Michael Totten, one of the smartest and best-informed observers of events in the Middle East, wrote after the release of the prisoners, “It’s terrific for the freed prisoners, obviously, and it’s almost as terrific for their friends, family, and colleagues, but the ransom was insanely steep … If the Iranian government had released innocent people because they’re innocent like it’s supposed to — then we could say we had a good day. But that’s not what happened. That’s not even close to what happened.”

Equally skeptical was Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Long a staunch opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, and a harsh critic of Iran’s hostile stance toward Israel and the west, the Prime Minister told the media that, while he hoped to be proven wrong, “I have my doubts [about Iran’s compliance with the deal], and we shall see very soon.”

Any assumption that Iran is acting in good faith is highly dubious; its history of duplicity and deception speaks otherwise. And any assumption that any religious or ethnic minority will fare well in a country governed by harsh, radical Islamist rule is likewise an illusion. Christians, in particular those who practice their faith openly – face special dangers every day. The terrible risks they face in this region – risks that are rising — weigh heavy on me, and are certainly a cause for us all to pray for God’s mighty hand of protection.

As we do so, let us rejoice and give thanks to God, along with the freed hostages, their families, and the entire U.S., at the release of these unjustly imprisoned men. But let us also fervently hope and pray that this deal has not set a dangerous precedent – a precedent that would allow Iran, or any other rogue nation, to use hostages as a bargaining chip in their deadly game of cat and mouse.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President

Help IFCJ support Israel’s victims of terror and stay up-to-date on events in Israel during this time of crisis by going to And please share this website with your family, friends, and church members.
Join our Prayer Team
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 4300, Chicago, IL 60602-2584 | 800-486-8844 | Email Us

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

And God placed into Creation the 2nd battery!

When we look at the conversations that took place in the Garden of Eden the first thing that must be acknowledge is that Moses is retelling the stories. Moses was never in the Garden of Eden.
So when we look at various statements being made for example:

Genesis 2:7 "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."

At this point in the story death had not occurred therefore a logical question for Adam would have been possibly, "My LORD, what is death?"

The value in realizing that Moses is retelling this story to people who understood death, who understood slavery, cruelty, oppression, and murder helps us to shift from a "Garden Conversation" to a re-education situation with the descendants of Jacob. Likewise when we read:
In Jeff's simple illustration: Women are the 2nd battery that makes everything work or function. Together the pair make! The restoration of the man and the woman is in full motion so that the functions of life, work in the manner that our Creator purposed

Genesis 2:18 "And the LORD God said: It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet [Ezer Kenegdo] for him."

We are also hearing Moses relate what God imparted into him at some point in order that he could share this history. Again, Moses was never in the Garden of Eden.
The descendants of Jacob would have understood being alone, perhaps abandoned, perhaps even disconnected from the covenant established with Abraham many, many years earlier. Adam would not have understood being alone. He was placed into the garden, a place God called delightful!

Which brings me to the point of this blog post:

When God created the woman along with the fact that she was to be the last thing made, what was his purpose in doing so? Better yet, what was her purpose?

The answers(s) to these two questions is mind bending. But the questions themselves have been undervalued or over analyzed. Either way, the moment we immediately envision a garden conversation we skip over the fact that the descendants of Jacob are the ones hearing these accounts.

You will experience a Paradigm Shift extraordinary in considering when, just like Moses was restoring the descendants of Jacob back to who God is and to what he is doing, Dr. Skip Moen restores us back to a more complete picture of who the man and the woman were always purposed to be. In my opinion, Dr. Skip Moen, along with so many, many people in our generation are doing exactly what Moses was doing. Moses was leading these people to freedom, back to our Creator.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dan Cathcart produced another spot for PARADIGM SHIFT

Special Note: We will have the ability to process registration payments on the date of the conference however we are trying to limit this as it takes away valuable time from the activities planned.

Thanks Everyone!

Check out Moed Ministries here

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Lipstick and Stelletos is all they need to pee next to your daughter in Washington State

January 25, 2016 | Bill Updates at
The legislative session is entering it's third week today, and there have been several bills introduced that you'll want to pay attention to.  Along with our educational partner, FPIW, we've launched a new resource for constituents to engage in the legislative process -- the Legislative Hub.  Here, you can track bills, contact legislators, and access educational resources all in one stop!
Today, we wanted to provide you with a quick recap and update of what progress was made this week on repealing the Human Rights Commission's open-bathroom/open-showers rule and give you some action steps to keep the pressure on.

Senate Bill Introduced and Hearing Scheduled: SB 6443 was introduced and will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Wednesday January 27th, at 1:30pm.

House Bill Introduced; Hearing Not Scheduled: HB 2589 was introduced, but House Judiciary Chair Rep. Laurie Jinkins continues to ignore constituents and citizens who would like to provide input on the bill by denying it a hearing.*  

* = The bill must be heard and passed from the Judiciary Committee by Feb. 5th in order to stay alive.

Here are some immediate things you can do to make an impact:
  • Sign and share our petition to repeal the open-bathrooms rule on Facebook and via email with your networks. (Related: petition reaches 6,500 signatures!)
  • Call Rep. Laurie Jinkins' office to request that she schedule a hearing on HB 2589.  Her office phone number is (360) 786-7930.  Please be respectful and courteous when you call, and please encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. 
  • Email your legislators on these two bills using our online contact portal
  • Follow FPIW on Facebook and Twitter

HB 2294 by Rep. David Taylor (Support): Ends Taxpayer-Funded Coverage for Elective Abortions in Washington
SB 5289 by Sen. Mike Padden (Support): Requires Parental Notification for Abortions Requested by Minors
HB 2488 by Rep. Matt Manweller (Support): Establishes an Academic Bill of Rights
HB 1647 by Rep. Eileen Cody (Oppose): Mandates All Insurance Plans in Washington State Cover Elective Abortions
HB 2009 by Rep. June Robinson (Oppose): Removes "Personal Conviction" Exemptions from Immunization Requirement
For more information, head to, or use our new bill tracker.  
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Family Policy Action | 16108 Ash Way, Suite 113 | Lynnwood | WA | 98087

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Show is not leaving WAWRADIO.NET

Update for (We are keeping the Jeff Morton Report with Worship and Word Radio)

Streaming Update

Shalom Everyone,

WAW Radio has obtained a new streaming contract with Abovecast, and is now working towards setting up the stream through them. The "Listen Now" link on WAW Radio will be updated today so that you may enjoy the worship and teaching programs we have already uploaded to the server.
For a short time there will be a limited amount of music, because we are only able to stream what we have obtained permission to use. Secondary stream licensing is far too expensive and it is better for WAW Radio to go directly to Sound Exchange for the license to stream the music. It requires a $500 deposit plus $40 to register as a broadcaster.
At our current listening hours, $500 will cover most of the year. It is a bit up front, but it's is less than the $275 a month through the secondary agency.
We have decided to save up for this cost and then return to the full format we had before. You can support this effort by the donation button at the bottom of this email. Please be sure to leave a note that says  "Stream License", so we can direct the funds accordingly. 
Thank you for your support & prayers!



*please note that WawRadio is not a 501C3 ministry and therefore cannot give you a tax receipt. 


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Friday, January 22, 2016

Killing Women (makes us less human)

When you rape the women, the society becomes perverted

When you enslave the women, the society looses freedom

When you abuse the women, the society hurts and suffers

When you throw away the women, the family is broken.

When you loose your identity, the women cannot protect!

When you walk away from your purpose

Children are aborted

Adults are distorted.

When you kill the women
We become less human

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Nonie Darwish could not have said it better!


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"The Bible is not a timeless guidebook" Skip Moen

Dr. Moen produces a daily 'WORD" I try to read his "Today's Word" daily for the insight and challenges offered that help put the the Bible into a proper paradigm. The Bible is not a religious book. Skip Moen reasserts my statement below. Curiously, I spoke with several people yesterday saying to them (Before reading the following) the Bible is a history book. You can, after reading the text below imagine how timely Dr. Moen's  post is...I find it amazing at how much my thinking is in common with Dr. Skip Moen...Quite fascinating to me on a personal level


Now these are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob; they came each one with his household:Exodus 1:1 NASB
Names – The Bible is not a timeless guidebook. It is a story of the history of men and God. It is a recollection of what happened, not a collection of moral aphorisms. To treat the Bible as a set of principles is to miss its greatest impact. The Bible is about how people lived in the presence of YHVH.   The only way to learn from it is to make its people yourpeople. For example, when we convert the Beatitudes (or any other “teaching” passage) into moral truths, we strip them of their power—the power that they had on the real people who heard them. The same is true of Torah. Torah without the children of Israel recently freed from bondage in Egypt is impotent to alter culture. Torah ignored or “fulfilled” in the Church is essentially the same as declaring that God’s history with Mankind doesn’t matter.   The Church without Torah is an attempt to create the “new man” by artificial insemination. The denial of history has terrible consequences.
“Innocence in our day is the hope that there ‘are no enemies,’ that we can move into a new Garden of Eden, a community characterized by freedom from want, guilt, and anxiety. But this also means freedom from responsibility; it means going back prior to the birth of consciousness, for guilt is only the other side of moral consciousness—we have ‘eaten of the tree of knowledge.’ We valiantly try to persuade ourselves that if we only find the ‘key,’ we can easily create a society in which nakedness, guilt, anxiety will all be things of the unmourned past. Unmourned and unstudied—here lies the contemporary uninterest in history and the refusal to study it. To hang on to this picture of innocence, you mustdeny history.”[1]
The Bible is not a map to the new Garden of innocence. The Bible is a record of failure! There are no innocent people in the Bible after Genesis 2. There are only people in need of restoration; people who have broken their promises, made bad choices, fallen by the wayside, drowned in sin. There are no whitewashed saints. There are only recovering sinners. If you thought the Bible was a book of moral instruction or a design for a godly government, you were wrong. This book is about God’s faithfulness in the lives of real human messes. It is a case study in the disaster of hubris. And the only answer it provides is batach—trust in the Lord for He is good.
When the children of Israel came to Egypt, they had names. Shemot. Real people. Real problems. Real struggles. Just like us. They didn’t have a sacred guidebook. They had a covenant God. I wonder if we haven’t traded trust for words on a page. Maybe we need to come out, without our creeds, our doctrines and our printed red-letter editions, and learn to live in His presence.
Topical Index: shemot, names, Exodus 1:1, Bible, batach, trust, innocence, history
[1] Rollo May, Power and Innocence, p. 56.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

How Many Jews Around the World are........

Breaking into innocent homes killing babies, toddlers, children, brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles....

How many Jews around the globe are their beheading men, burning people alive while locked in cages or tied to a spit?

How many Jews around the world are their conquering cities, towns and villages, raping women, enslaving young girls and forcing them to marry before puberty?

How many Jews are their around the globe training to blow up innocent civilians riding a bus, eating a meal, shopping at market or just walking down the street?

How many Jews around the globe pull out knives attacking random people or who drive their cars into crowds of people and then jump out of their vehicles clubbing and stabbing people to death?

How many Jews practice hatred for police attacking and killing them at random?

How many Jews around the globe begin teaching their children to do all of the above before they are potty trained?

How is it possible to castigate the Jewish people who do none of the above....?

EVIL is how!
It calls itself today a Religion of Peace in our Generation and is supported by people who will believe just about anything that is antisemitic............

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I Need A Favor?

Scott Bell is the person who has broadcast the Jeff Morton Report from or Worship and Word Radio since March 1, 2015. He has also maintained his radio station on 365 Live for several years with a shoe string budget. Well, many of you know that 365 Live is closing her doors January 31, 2016. Not sure how Scott Bell plans to continue operation He is both in prayer as well as looking at cost effective options. Mr. Bell along with his wife have several children to care for as well.

Scott Bell and I have never physically met. Well, as an act of faith he registered and paid for the Paradigm Shift Conference in February happening in Tacoma, Washington. Scott and his family live in the high desert of California. After paying for the conference the news hit about 365 Live shutting down......

Well, as we say in the Kingdom of God, "keep moving forward" This is what we are working through as God leads.
Scott is short on funds and needs help with airfare...I have sent to him what I could and so too did my sister and her husband (thanks you guys) as well as my faithful friend, Bev.

So, here is my favor:...

Can several of you send a few bucks to Scott Bell via to help finish the cost of his coming here for three days? I am asking for you to bless this individual just because and or for me with a little cash. I would really like to meet this brother face to face, give him a hug and to say thank you! I also want him to attend the conference and so does his wife...(She told me that

Just go to his website and  scroll down to where you can make a contribution help us out..I would be most grateful!

The plan was for him to stay in our home for 3 days but my son, his wife and two children arrived for a month before they move to Japan...So, a lot has happened since Scott paid for the conference....


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Register for the Paradigm Shift Conference?

Registration Page from my website [click to site here]

Banner 3 skip Moen
Please consider a financial gift to help cover the cost of this conference, Thanks!
Please register on line or via the mailing information below. For those who cannot attend due to cost please consider making a benevolence contribution. We will use those contributions specifically to help those who cannot afford the conference fee. Let us know that you're contributing to that fund. THANK YOU!

Paradigm Shift with Skip Moen
Thank You

"Paradigm Shift"  
A weekend with Skip Moen, D. Phil.
Dan & Brenda Cathcart of Moed Ministries will introduce Dr. Skip Moen 
Tacoma, Washington
We have been summarily disconnected from the original concepts and cultural integrity of the very scriptures we love and enjoy for nearly 1800 years. Skip Moen will help us, during this weekend shift or dare I say, return to critical observation about what is being communicated through the Hebrew Scriptures. In addition, I have asked Dr. Moen to help us better understand "Ezer Kenegdo" and the Genesis text that supports the creation of Chava or Eve from an Hebraic lens...It's going to cause a paradigm shift for some, especially those who are married.
Saturday February 13, 2015 -
1:30  to 8:00 PM with a dinner break from 4:30 to 6:00
Sunday February 14, 2015
1:00 to 8:.00 PM with a dinner break from 4:30 to 6:00
Couples 53.00 (Married)
Individual 32.00
Students (under 18) 15.00
[We strongly encourage young people to attend this conference]
Special note: I am told by La Quinta that a cheer leader competition is also scheduled for this weekend with various schools around Washington State participating. We have no idea who will be attending our conference so we have not arranged for discounted rooms. I imagine the rooms will sell out quickly(?)
(No childcare will be offered)
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Mailing Address: 5844 South 194th Street Kent, Washington 98032 [C/O Grapes2press, LLC]

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