Wednesday, December 2, 2015

With Every Breath.......

Okay, for the record:

My biblical world was transformed in 2007. I see great tribulation coming but I also see the kingdom of YAHWEH following....I believe this in the same way I know a Sun is up in the sky, dirt on the ground etc, etc, etc. I absolutely believe the Blood Moons were, are, a warning. However, I believe that while we are here we are to share the Kingdom of God with everyone. Not religion or personal salvation but rather our agreement to honor covenant law based on the Kingdom of God and the "Good News" that the Covenant, made with Israel at Sinai has been renewed...His nation was born again as a result.

Thank you Jesus (Yeshua) Vassal King, God in skin, the Living Word...(however we embrace what happened 2000 years ago) I am not interested in owning a home, property, or building a comfortable retirement. I am wanting to share this GOOD NEWS with every breath.......

The world is a complete mess. One would have to be completely disconnected from biblical truth to not see this as so. Many in this world are absolutely disconnected from, "THY KINGDOM COME!" The United States is Trillions of dollars in debt with political, social, and spiritual corruption now Idol worship....I do not see this nation repenting but rather, relentless in becoming unholy!

I do not and I repeat "DO NOT" see the end of the world happening! Nor do I know with exclusivity how, "The Great and Terrible Day of the LORD" will occur. I do know this: I believe that what men or mankind is doing will darn near destroy everything........

I am not afraid, not even a weeny, teeny, tiny bit of the days ahead!!!!!
Nor am I going to stop living because of prophetic fear...I am going to struggle along like everyone else but I am going to do so with the hope, promise and belief that God is coming......What is so hard about understanding this? I do not want to be famous rather, I want to be a faithful servant with what I have, what I aspire to do and what the LORD offers to me to accomplish. 

To my family....and everyone else, with every breath, the things of God matter most to me.

Thanks Jody McBrayer for creating this beautiful song: 

Now to my family and to everyone else, go help someone!

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