Friday, December 4, 2015

Americans, "Politically Correct in a Barrel" Shoot at will

Until the American people realize that we are at war with a gigantic religious system..We will be killed at will, & blown to bits. We will continue to watch our children butchered. Well, listen to a former Muslim woman tell you what you are not getting. I am stumped, simply stumped at the America citizen's absolute ignorance to what is happening around the globe. It's like watching aliens land while people ignore the fact that aliens have landed. America has become amazing to me at how fast this nation is falling!

Because Americans are allowing our government and liberal politics to dictate "Political Correctness" and this wacky multiculturalism, and phony concept of tolerance we are a nation opening our doors to MILLIONS of Hitlers in turbins and niqabs or burkas who are telling us, "We are here to kill you"

They bury children in the desert, cut children in half with swords or steak knives, slaughter homosexuals, kill blacks because they are black or enslave black folks just like they have done four 1400 years...and they will absolutely slaughter every political correct college student with impunity just because YOU are a political correct college student

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