Tuesday, December 29, 2015

People Are Amazing!

I am making videos or vlogs these days as I learn how to do video editing. All of my vlogs are posted on my YOU TUBE page https://www.youtube.com/user/standupone Thanks so much!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Moving Away From Humanity via Allah

I have watched countless videos of people being butchered throughout the Middle East well over the last twenty years of my life. During Saddam Hussein's nightmarish reign I watched a video of young boys, blind folded being forced to walk off of roof tops several stories high. More recently, I have seen headless children, headless babies even, as well as people burned alive. Watching children carry around the heads of murdered men as a sort of macabre badge of honor due to Islamic justice is common place. Moreover, many of us have watched video upon video of children being trained to hate people in particularly, Jewish people in a classroom setting, We no longer have to imagine schools teaching children to glorify the taking of life, those videos exist too!

The harsh reality is that the videos are recording the murder of people.

Just this morning I watched a video of a young man surrounded by ISIS fighters declaring, "A Black Flag will fly over the White House!" In the video this young kid declares that Allah is the reason ISIS has won so many battles and Allah will help us defeat Australia, Great Britain, and America!

Skip Moen wrote, "The further we are from God, the less human we become." It's an interesting statement of which I agree. However, the god of Islam according to ISIS empowers what they are doing. Of course, anyone who understands Ancient Near Eastern Law, knows that ISIS is following many of the dictates prescribed in ancient law perverted by a madman!

Nevertheless, mankind whether following Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism or any religious system have historical failures when it comes to honoring life.

I watched the following video this morning thinking, "What an amazing creation we are when life is honored".....So far Allah, [and for well beyond the last twenty years of my life] does not teach the following to ISIS at all.

I watch a lot more of these videos because, "People are amazing" when we turn on the light!

Genesis 1:3 And God said: 'Let there be light.' And there was light.

The best part of being human is not death.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Pharisee and a Pastor discuss the Bible

The Pharisee asks a question.
The Pastor opens the Bible reciting a scripture in response.
The Pharisee asks another question.
The Pastor again, opens the Bible and recites a scripture.
This exchange happens for about 20 minutes.
Finally, the Pastor asks, "Why are you continuing to ask me questions, I have answered all of them?"

The Pharisee response:

Sir, I have asked you several questions to which you repeatedly opened the scriptures that my ancestors recorded in order to answer my questions. The answers you provided are culturally disconnected from the questions, it is obvious that you have no concept of Hebrew thought! I am trying to understand the foundation of Christianity as it uses our scriptures when searching for answers?  How is it that Christianity separated itself from Israel and yet uses our material, gifted to us from God in order to exist at all? Jesus was, after all Jewish and would have followed every word of Moses, who was also Jewish. I continue to be perplexed as to how your church came into being?

[the information contained in this teaching by Skip Moen 
was well known to me before I ever heard of Dr. Skip Moen]

I created this conversation in my head because...How we understand just about everything is from a Western, Roman/Greek perspective...Not one word of the entire Bible is based on either concepts whether Roman or Greek.........
The Bible is Hebrew or Hebraic which factually is in direct opposition to much of Western Theology
Rabbinic Judaism did not exist at the time of Shaul, a Pharisee of Pharisees.

Acts 22:3 “I was raised in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, and I was instructed perfectly in the tradition of our fathers, and I am zealous for God, as also are all of you.”
Dr. Skip Moen helps us to better understand the Pharisee!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Concerning Skip Moen?

I have listened to several of Dr. Moen's lectures, watched several video presentations, read two of his books, and have consistently followed his "Today's Word" found on his website

Okay, so the entire rational for this blog, my website, my radio broadcast, notwithstanding  virtually everything that has occurred during the last, [nearly 9 years of life] Dr. Skip Moen is arc wielding the dots together!

I have consistently said, I do not see the Bible from a Christian lens anymore. How that happened is truly amazing! Nevertheless, I have for as many years been trying to comprehend exactly what happened? One moment I was a New Testament believer and the next I was.....? In a nano second I saw everything different. Simply put, I see religion, all religion as a prison of sorts. Through the articulation of Dr. Moen, his ever present encouragement to embrace, 'Critical Thinking' once again, I am learning to undo Rome! I am beginning to understand the paradigm shift. After which and prior to knowing that Skip Moen and I were alive at the same time, Mark Biltz, along with so many others presented the Bible to me from an Hebraic perspective which made so much sense to me. It was like having "darkly" removed!.I have never questioned this transformation rather, I have been trying to truly take it all in

This blog is my way of keeping my sanity as a result:
I have felt just like Dryfus many, many times over the last nine years!
I know, completely, absolutely and without hesitation, 
that mankind has no idea of the Paradigm Shift that will occur!

Let me restate the obvious (or not so obvious) The Bible was not written to the Church! Nor was the Bible written to you or me. Once a person comprehends the significance, dare I say, reality of this fact, returning to what is actually happening based on the scriptures becomes a ride like no other in living water!

Having Skip Moen come to Tacoma, Washington in order to share more so (with you) what he offers becomes for me something to do. I completely, totally live and breath to do something for the Kingdom of God...Doing Nothing Means, Nothing Get's Done!

From Skip's website he offers the following for purchase. Of course I am going to promote his work!

Everything listed below links to Skip Moen's website
PURCHASE it, it does the Body Good!


“But I’m a Gentile” — $4.95 Donation ( video download)
In May 2013 Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen taught at their first joint seminar in the United States in Phoenix.  Under the conference title, “Grafted In,” Bob opened the conference with an hour lecture on the Gentile Question.

Paradigms and Hebrew Thought — $29.00 Donation (4 part video series download)
These video lessons review the role of paradigms in interpreting the Bible.

God’s design for women: Understanding the ezer-kenegdo — $29.00 Donation (4 part video series download – Includes the Power Point slides)
This video series covers the full range of the Hebrew concept of ezer kenegdo, God’s words for the design of the woman.

Law and Grace, 3 Part Video Series — $20.00 Donation (3 video downloads)
This video series (made in South Africa) discusses the confusion caused by defining these terms according to Greek-Roman first century thinking rather than Hebraic thinking.

Lessons From Israel, Series 2 — $129.00 (22 video downloads)
Skip Moen and Bob Gorelik venture back to Israel for a second series of lessons. This new series of 22 lessons covers material not previously seen as well as enhancements and additions to the first series. All lessons were shot in HD video for excellent viewing and listening.

Lessons From Israel — $99.00 (8 DVD Disc series, SOLD OUT)
In October of 2009, 16 readers of Today’s Word accompanied Rabbi Bob Gorelik and Dr. Skip Moen to Israel for 12 days of teaching about the Hebrew background of our faith. Amazing!  A significant contribution to your understanding of the Bible.


Israel Tour Lectures from October 2015 — Donate individually or as a set. (audio downloads)
Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen hosted a group in Israel. As usual, the lectures and discussions were recorded for future use. 16 lectures from the October Israel tour were recorded.

Israel Tour Lectures from May 2015 — Purchase/donation individually or as a set. (audio downloads)
In May 2015, Bob Gorelik and Skip Moen hosted a group in Israel. In total, 23 lectures from the 2015 Israel tour were recorded for other listeners.

Hear Ari, Jeremy and Glen from the last trip to Israel as they discuss paradigm shifts, the current political events in Israel and other pertinent topics.
These audio files are FREE to all my readers. And be sure to listen to Voice of Israel on your web radio.

A study of Gruber’s book, Copernicus and the Jews — $20.00 donation (audio download)
I led a small group studying Gruber’s book over the course of many months. The analysis and discussion from each session was recorded as a kind of running commentary supplementing the material in Gruber’s work.

Lectures on Psalm 23 — $20.00 donation (audio and PDF download)
This lecture series was given in Virginia Beach in late 2014. The hours of audio files are accompanied by the Powerpoint presentation of the words.

Lessons from Israel: 2014  — Click on the title to go to the page.
Rabbi Bob Gorelik and Dr. Skip Moen teach on various topics while on tour in Israel.
All these lectures were recorded live with the group that traveled to Israel in April-May of 2014.
In addition, Moshe Kempinski and Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel were special guest lecturers and Israeli Yoav Bruck gave a moving testimony regarding life in Israel and the camaraderie and patriotism of those who live there.
Each lecture is an audio download, priced individually.

Formation of the Christian Church — $8.00 donation Each (audio download)
Two separate lectures – These lectures will give you the real story behind the emergence of Christianity as one of the world’s most powerful religions. But what you learn may shock and surprise you.

Upside Down Leadership — $10.00 donation (audio download)
Two part series (Both included in download) – Upside-Down Leadership examines the biblical basis for answering the question: Who will be a leader in the Kingdom of God?

Living The Biblical Worldview — $25.00 donation (audio download)
16 hours of lectures to seminary students in December 2008 explaining the shift from Greek to Hebrew. If I could only buy 1 thing from me, this would be it.

The Book of Genesis — $35.00 donation (audio download)
Everything important in the Bible happens in the first four chapters of Genesis. 14 hour lecture to Masters of Divinity Students. A very in-depth follow-up to Living The Biblical Worldview

The Scriptural Role of ‘Ezer — $15.00 donation (audio download)
82 minute discussion of the role of women (‘ezer) from a Hebraic worldview. Life-changing insights, guaranteed.

The Hebrew Worldview of Education — $15.00 donation (audio download)
63 minute discussion given to Christian Private College Association on the Hebraic model of education versus the Hellenistic/Greek model.

The Hebrew view of Prayer — $20.00 donation (audio download)
5 hours of lectures to graduate students on the “flow” of Hebraic prayer.

Hermeneutics — $15.00 donation (audio download)
Over 5 hours of lectures to graduate students on Biblical hermeneutics, the study of the interpretation of written texts and scripture.

A Study of the Letter to the Galatians — $25.00 donation (audio download)
Nearly 20 hours of in-depth analysis of Galatians. It covers the background, exegetical issues, and themes in a verse-by-verse, word-by-word investigation of Paul’s message to the Galatian believers.

Commentary on Who Is Man? by Abraham Heschel — $6.00 donation (audio download)
4 hours of in-depth analysis of Heschel’s Hebraic view of the nature of Man. This commentary looks at passages from Heschel’s book. Insights into the difference between the Greek and Hebrew views of what it means to be human.

The Beatitudes — $20.00 donation (audio download)
Six hours of audio rediscovering The Beatitudes from the perspective of Yeshua’s 1st century Jewish audience.

Apologetics — $20.00 donation (audio download)
This series examines the reasons why current apologetics flounders. The lectures review the bankruptcy of the Greek quest for certainly. We examine the implications for this culture, showing why the failure to believe is not based in evidence but in how we know (epistemology).

Money, Sex, and Power — $25.00 donation (audio download)
This series of lectures examines the cultural perspective on money, sex and power in order to draw insights for a contemporary application of Biblically based actions.

Matthew, Verse by Verse — $49.00 donation (audio disc)
Over 100 hours of homegroup study on the book of Matthew, literally verse by verse. (Individual downloads can still be found here.)

Here are six lectures based on Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology. These lectures do not discuss doctrinal issues. Instead they focus on the epistemological, hermeneutical and metaphysical issues that underlie the project of forming a systematic theology. Erickson’s work is just the springboard for these discussions. These lectures will be useful to anyone who wonders how systematic theology works.

In this one hour lecture, you’ll learn about various techniques to study the Bible, including reference and resource materials to help you.

Biblical Leadership — $20.00 donation (audio download)
Aside from the “Jesus language”, what’s the difference between Biblical leadership, and the world’s view of leadership? An 8 hour discussion of the difference between following the Biblical way of leading versus the contemporary culture’s view of leadership.

A Study of the Book of Ruth — $20.00 donation (audio download)
These 10 audio lessons offer a verse-by-verse analysis of the powerful themes found in this short book.

A Study of the Book of James — $25.00 donation (audio download)
These 20 audio lessons offer a verse-by-verse analysis of the powerful themes found in the book of James.

Conversations with Moshe Kempinski in Jerusalem — $10.00 donation (audio download)
These 2 audio recordings discuss relationships between orthodox Judaism and current Christian teaching.

Today’s Word Archives

Each Today’s Word that is emailed is also stored on this website, but if you prefer to have them in a single Word document, you can do so.


31-final-cover-thumb 31 Days of Transformation
 — $12.95 donation  (Book)
In 31 days, you can gain a new perspective on repentance, renewal and joy.

Guardian-Angel-abridged-thumb Guardian Angel – Abridged Version
 — $15.95 donation  (Book)
Now it is finally available in an ABRIDGED version for easier reading.

crossword-44 The Ten Commandments in Pictographs
 — $12.00 donation  (PDF download)
  What we discover just might help you realize how powerful the Ten Commandments really are!

crossword-44 Cross Word Puzzles
 — $25.00 donation (for book)  — $20.00 donation (PDF download)
  How would a Jewish believer in the first century understand the meaning of the cross?

Also available in a Spanish Translation.
Understanding the difference between luck and lucky will change everything.

Every woman knows she was designed for a special role — a role that has been denied to her far too long. In this study of Scripture, Skip Moen re-examines the Genesis account from an Hebraic perspective.

Skip Moen provides extensive arguments for a new definition of omniscience, a formulation that resolves many persistent problems with free will, prophecy and temporal creation.

Examining the conversations Jesus had with women, this quick read delivers insights into the Messiah’s view of the special role of women. (And it’s probably not what you think.)

butterfly-book-coverFlutter-byes: the gossamer canvas — $49.00 donation
A fun little coffee-table book with pictures of butterflies that I’ve taken all over the world. All pictures are in brilliant color printing. Enjoy!

Examines Leadership and Relationships from a Scriptural, Hebraic worldview.  This 250 page book is a compilation of my “Today’s Word” daily emails on four subjects, chosen by readers as their favorites.  I’m hoping to write several more volumes.

Spiritual Restoration Vol. 2: Reclaiming The Foundations of God’s World — $22.00 donation (Book format) or $18.00 donation (PDF Download)
The second volume of collected editions of Today’s Word covers the topics of the Idolatry and its contemporary manifestations, Discipline in a Hebraic context, Leadership, and Work and Worship as a singular effort. Dozens of biblical passages are discussed under each topic revealing the depths of the Word of God in the culture and linguistic settings of the authors.

The third volume of collected editions of Today’s Word covers the topics of Church, evangelism, prayer, justice and Law vs. Grace.

Forty day devotional book examining Yeshua’s words about leadership.  Designed to teach you the process of Christian influence.  Suited for anyone responsible for leading others, whether in the home, at school, in the congregation, or at the office.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Change Has Come to America!

I do not have a source for this picture. This was sent to me via email

In 2008 I went before Abba, Father in prayer asking, "Who is he my Lord?" Through the course of a few days I understood Barack Obama to be a judgement of God due to the lawlessness of America. We have been appointed a ruler who does not know or fear, "I AM" My concern is not Barack Obama but rather, what God is allowing to happen within the "Christian Nation"

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Kurt Russell (The Actor) addresses an idiot!

I do not have to write another word, Mr. Russell ends the discussion, period! 

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Paradigm Shift" A conference with Skip Moen PhD.

Hello everyone,

The Jeff Morton Report in cooperation with Grapes2press, LLC is making preparation to have Skip Moen, PhD return to the Pacific NW in order to share his years of biblical research and study. Skip is originally from the Seattle area. 

I have received emails from folks as far away as Salem, Oregon who would make the trip in order to attend this conference

We have a facility available which holds about 120 people comfortably but I fear this may not be large enough. Hoping those of you receiving this email may have some ideas on a larger facility that can accommodate 200 to possibly 250 people that does not break the bank. The tentative date based on Skip's availability for the weekend conference is February 12-14. 

The conference has a cost associated with attending, a pre-registration sign up via my website, jeffsmorton.com is in the works. 
Pre-registration helps us with the overall cost.

This is a new area concerning anything that I have ever done but, so what! 
My good friend Nathan Grapes owner of Grapes2Press, LLC and I are always looking to serve people and to keep learning from others about our coming King. Skip Moen offers a brilliant conversation concerning paradigm shifts in our way of learning. Seems to be a lot of this going on as our Great God continues to return us to his ways.

We are looking for support and your participation in order to make this work......

Thank you!

If you wish to help with the costs just click here and please make sure that you note that the contribution is for the conference. http://www.jeffsmorton.com/donationscontributions/
We are not a non profit organzation

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