Tuesday, November 3, 2015

With Permission, I am posting this entire letter that I received

I receive a ton of letters like this. I do not get a lot of hate mail. This letter is very similar to most of the stuff I receive. I asked this person to call me and if I could post the entire letter. We will chat soon enough.  I thought this time, I am going to share it with you my readers!. I appreciate the time, consideration and heart-felt reason this person wrote this. This is the world many of you do not see in the life of Jeff Morton. (I posted this letter in exactly the way I received it)


I wanted to share with you, as I have begun a paradigm shift into the idea of Why am I now interested in the "old pathways" so to speak, in desiring a more intimate knowledge of the Father and the Son, and the plan of man, interestingly enough, it started (more intensely) a few weeks prior to Yom Teruah 2015. and I have been in a whirlwind getting my hands on or listening to any messianic teaching, as much as I can handle. and Skip Moen was one that I have come across, and I really do not disagree with anything I have heard or read so far, as I am now on this Hebraic understanding of the Bible, and trying to de-program myself of all that I am, or what I have become as a result of my culture, upbringing, church, etc. please excuse my ignorance of my use of the Names, as I am still trying to take all this in.

Currently, I am part of a traditional church and have been for about 8 years, this particular church is one my wife grew up in. Her folks are in Ohio and we live in Texas, both of her siblings are members of the church as well, her sister recently moved to Texas, and her brother who is in Ohio. We have a very good relationship with them all. My side, was Catholic, but not very active, I did go through a first holy communion, but my parents did the best they could, to say the least we did not have a religious upbringing, and going to church was not a regular routine for myself, my younger brother and sister. I have a very good relationship with all them as well.

without going into all the background of my rebellious life, I was baptized (immersed in water) at the church in 2008,the one we are at currently, but truly I really was not changed or walking in the Way, until sometime in 2010, Praise God! Then I was seeing the change in me as God was supernaturally changing me to forsake many things, or ways of life I once held dear, all the external manifestations were shedding off, one thing after another, I could no longer be around old friends, or partake of activities. I gave up many hobbies, and the list goes on. During this process, I was serving in the church, and had a genuine desire to begin to study the bible, and for this I am thankful.

During this process and my searching/studying the scriptures, I found myself at odds with many of the doctrines taught at our church. And also seeing different "Christian" views from outside of our churches teachings, and all of this was progressive and building up to my current situation. Our church is very conservative and the folks truly seem sincere in wanting to do what they see in the bible-the best they can, for many/most of them have grown up in the church and this is what they have been taught all their lives.

I was studying the Year of Jubilee, maybe in 2014 or early this year, and it led to a unique interest in the other biblical feasts as well, I was beginning to look at the bible differently, looking at the Greek and Hebrew meanings of words and the context/settings of the people and times more intensely, and around "our" Easter 2015, I thought that it would be nice if we knew some Jewish folks that we could have a Passover meal with, call me crazy right? side note:: I have never bought into any of the holidays for many years even prior to my saved years, unfortunately for me, my wife and all my family- both sides are "all in". I just go along and really don't make a big scene about it.

So going back to my opening statements, the Hebraic view or understanding: what do I do now? where is this going to take me? Why does it matter to have this viewpoint, how does this affect my salvation and my walk.

The one thing I do know- it is getting me to know more about my Creator and my Messiah, in a way I never was getting from the church. Again, not putting them down, or being upset with them, they teach many truths and I am thankful for them and enjoy seeing them. I just know that something is lacking, something missing at least for me. The idea of going through the steps of salvation "obeying the gospel"- getting baptized, living faithfully, spreading the good news, partaking of the Lords Supper, laying up in store, and Sunday church attendance and finally going to Heaven, is good,-- but being an adopted son of the most high and being grafted into the true vine, and God saving me from my life of sin and death- even though I never asked for it. what can I say? How can I prepare myself for the times ahead? The Messianic/Hebraic teachings has caught my attention and is pulling me, I really can not explain it?

I look forward to checking out more of your videos, I viewed you video: formation of the Christian church-skip moen.

I appreciate your time reading my message, and any insight or encouragement would be well received.


name and location with held

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